10 Online Dating Cliches You Should Stop Using Immediately


If you’ve ever been a member of an online dating site, you know how hard it is to create a profile that accurately describes yourself and what you’re looking for in a partner. That’s why many people resort to using the same old one liners in their profiles-they’re easy and since they’ve been used so many times, they must work-right? Wrong! Here are ten of the most common online dating cliches and why you should avoid them.


1. “I like to have fun!”

I would venture to guess that 99.999% of people in this world do not hate having fun. This statement tells potential dates absolutely nothing about you, and make it tempting for the hot guy or girl reading your profile to just keep clicking by.  Instead, try sharing the specific activities that you enjoy doing and what exactly “fun” looks like to you, so you connect with like-minded people.


2. “I feel so weird online dating.”

It is 2014. If you are single and haven’t tried online dating, you’re the weird one. Online dating doesn’t have the stigma it once did, so there is no need to be ashamed. You’re looking for love, own it.

It is 2014. If you are single and haven’t tried online dating, you’re the weird one.


3. “I don’t know what I’m looking for.”

False! We all know what we are looking for. Whether it’s something casual, friendship or a serious relationship, you know what you want, so don’t be afraid to put it out there! This way you won’t attract just anyone, looking for anything. You’ll stand out to the ones looking for the same thing you are.


4. “I don’t want to play games.”

Games are the worst, and it’s understandable that you’d want to make it clear upfront that you are not interested in being someone’s toy. However, most people feel the same way you do, and the rest? Well, they are going to mess with your heart no matter how big and bold the disclaimer is on your online dating profile. Dating is a risk, a simple one-liner won’t keep the players away.


5. “I like going out and staying in.”

Wait, what?


6. “I don’t know what to write.”

There is nothing about this sentence that would inspire a potential date to drop everything and send you a message. If you can’t be bothered to at least try to muster up a few words about yourself, why would anyone be interested in hanging out with you? Ask a friend for help, consult a dating coach, or just start typing about the things that make you, you.

If you can’t be bothered to at least try to muster up a few words about yourself, why would anyone be interested in hanging out with you?

7. “I want to start as friends first.”

Friends are great, the more the merrier…but you’re on an online dating site. If you’re hesitant about the types of people you might meet online (stranger danger and all that), claiming you’re only looking for friends will do yourself a huge disservice. You know what kinds of people who will likely email you first? The ones who are up to no good, since they think you aren’t serious about finding love, while the ones with serious relationship potential will pass you by, since they aren’t looking for another “friend.”



8. “Do not message me if…” (Ex-You have blonde hair, you don’t live in my immediate neighborhood, you don’t like chicken…”)

If you fill up your profile with a laundry list of things you do not want in a potential date, you just make yourself seem super negative and annoying. The whole point of online dating is to expose yourself to other singles you may not have met otherwise. While there is definitely nothing wrong with having standards and being selective, negativity is a huge red flag for most online daters and chances are they will just roll their eyes and move on to the next profile.


9. “I love my friends and family.”

We know.


10. “I am looking for someone who can keep up with me.”

I get it, you’re totally trying to be playful and show off how fun/outrageous/fast paced you are! However, blanket statements like this come off a bit cocky and can be a huge turn-off to people who don’t feel like proving that they can “keep up” with you, AND it screams insecurity, which is not a good look on anyone!