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How to Talk About Sex To Get The Sex You Crave from Your Partner

Couples everywhere are experiencing the strangest predicament. We can talk about the news, the weather, our likes and dislikes, what shows we watch, our issues with our parents.. But when it comes to sex, one of the most important aspects of any intimate relationship, all of a sudden we are tongue tied. We get into these sexual ruts that we can’t seem to talk our way out of, not because we don’t know what we want, but because we don’t know how to ask our partners for it in the bedroom. Read more

I Finally Found New Love, But There’s One Problem… He’s Married

Reader You Know What I'm Going To Say writes: Help!!! After a 30 year marriage where I was the breadwinner, I finally left.  For 5 years I remained busy, happy, and alone.  Then I met Mike.  Bang, love at first sight.  It was 15 months of heaven, joy, laughter, companionship, sex was regular, fun, healthy, and exciting.  So here's the problem.  He's married, with a 17 year old son. His wife has an illness.  His son is going to college and is soooo spoiled- dad's boy and mummy's baby.  Until he goes to college Mike won't leave home- but then what?  Am I setting myself up for hurt? Read more

How To Make His Parents Like You

Has anyone been to the drugstore recently? I just went yesterday and there was already some Christmas stuff up. I was floored! I’m Christmas’s Biggest Jewish Fan (It’s an official title!) but come on, CVS! Let me at least enjoy Halloween before you start up with Christmas. One holiday at a time, please! But, seeing all that red and green got me thinking about the holidays and all the fun and stress they bring with them. So, I thought I might as well start talking about some topics that can help ease the stress of holiday time. First up is meeting the parents and how to make sure they like you. Here we go!

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Don’t Let Fear Stop You Finding Love

It’s amazing how people are so afraid of feeling vulnerable, that they’ll avoid dating completely. Every single one of us feels vulnerable at some time or another in our life. You can’t avoid it, and by avoiding getting close to anyone, you’re denying yourself the chance of ever being happy. I understand what it’s like though. You meet someone that blows your mind, and instantly all your insecurities come out. Read more

Why Are Men Scared Of Me?

I was having an interesting chat with a lady the other day. She was attractive, and had an amazing energy, but she can’t find herself a decent guy anywhere. When I asked her what her main sticking point was, she told me it was that men wouldn’t approach her. Read more

How to Live Your Best Life…and find love while you are at it!

Most people believe that we only live once, yet so often we live life in a cage of limitations and unbreakable boundaries.  Some of us go to a cubical everyday and we dread it. Others create relationships that are unhappy or are functioning on autopilot day to day, with momentary awakenings that quickly fade.  We live for the weekends and for our next vacation.  Please know that your life does NOT need to be lived this way. Read more