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Next Level Sex Tips for 2015

Let me guess: you have a  love-hate relationship with New Years resolutions. On the one hand you like the idea of taking steps towards a fresh start.  You DO want to start going to the gym more. You DO want to conquer that pesky coffee addiction. You DO want to learn how to use that dusty crock-pot But as the New Year unfolds, all those resolutions eventually fade into the background and you fall back into your old routines. Read more

3 Dating resolutions it’s ok to break

On January first of every year, all of my single girlfriends make resolutions to improve their dating lives. And I fully support this. If what you’re doing isn’t finding you love, you need to change it. But, there are a few dating resolutions I hear my friends make year after year that I think are fine to break. Remember, you’re making these resolutions to find love, not make yourself miserable. If you’re miserable, it’s going to be really difficult to attract someone! So, here are some dating resolutions it’s ok to break. Read more

Help! Obsessed with My Partner’s Ex Being Hotter Than Me!

Reader Not as Hot writes: My husband and I have been married a little over a year now and are expecting our first child in January. For some crazy reason I asked the dumbest question to my husband on our one year anniversary. I asked if he thought his ex was prettier than me... dumb I know... but then he lied and said no. I could tell he was lying and it broke my heart. I immediately started crying. Not ever having looked at her before I decided to look her up on facebook and yup she's gorgeous... I then find myself looking through all her pictures and criticizing myself on everything I could change about me to be that beautiful, that maybe he could find me prettier than her.. and now I feel incompetent. I just cant shake that he thinks she's prettier than me, I'm even believing it now and my self esteem is going right down the drain. Any pointers on how to help me get over this or something I should do? Read more

How to turn a New Year’s Eve hookup into a relationship

It’s almost time for New Year’s Eve! It’s my favorite and most hated holiday of all time. I love a good party and the symbolism of a new year and clean slate. But, I really, really hate the insane build up and pretty there is for New Year’s Eve plans. It just winds up being more stress than fun if you let the chaos of the expectations get to your head. So, try not to. Another thing that gets built up a lot? The New Year’s Eve kiss. That’s supposed to be a fun smooch, not a massively anxiety producing make out. Got it? If you do wind up liking your New Year’s Eve kissee and hook up with him, good for you! That sounds like fun. But, if you’re looking for more than fun, here’s some advice on how to turn that New Year’s Eve hookup into a relationship.

Read more

From Office to Party Chic Hair

Party until the break of dawn with these hair tips! With the holiday season here every woman wants to know how to transition her hair from day to night. Great holiday party hair can be accomplished without starting over after a day at the office! I’ve got the tips for you to accomplish show-stopping hair with the proper prep work in the morning. Read more

5 Ways to Find a Date in Time for New Year’s Eve!

Looking for someone to kiss at midnight as we ring in the New Year? Here are some quick tips on how to snag a date! Read more