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How friendships with married men become affairs

Woman and married man at dinner
In all my years of coaching, I’m still amazing how many times women come to me with this major issue: Falling in love with a married man! And the story always starts the same way. “There’s this amazing guy. We get on sooo well, and he makes me feel like no other man. I know he’s married and I shouldn’t get involved, but we’ve only gone out for dinner. It’s all very innocent really…” That’s about the time the guy makes his play. Read more

Dating in the Digital Age… are your communication skills keeping you from finding love?

Texting man distracted by not looking for love
Aziz Ansari is right! Text messaging has the power to ruin dating. The aggravation and exasperation he expresses to Conon O’Brien in this clip about dating in the digital age is exactly what I coach my clients to work against. Back in the days before the text message, when a man called a woman and asked her on a date, he didn’t have the option of sending a quick note to cancel at the last minute. He showed up like he said he would, and they had the opportunity to communicate in person. There was intimacy in this process because communication was direct, respectful, and responsive. Read more

#AskPatti: Ring problems, age limits, gift ideas & more!

Ask Patti Stanger
Hello, my little dumplings! (I’m trying “dumplings” out. Is it working? Should I make it my new thing?) I hope you all are deep into Thanksgiving prep mode. I sure am. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently about what I’m thankful for. This year has been really, really amazing for me, so I have a lot to be thankful for. And one of those many, many things is you all! I feel like I’ve connected so much with so many wonderful people this year, through Twitter and this column. And I’m really excited to keep it up. Also, I’m always looking for ways to improve. So, if you have any suggestions, just yell them out in the comments or shoot them to me on Twitter and I’ll do my best! Now, onto this week’s #AskPatti questions! Read more

Would You Rather Date A Man Or A Robot?

Would you date a robot?
I have a serious question for you ladies today. Would you date a robot? If an robot turned up in your bedroom, and said in his little robot voice, “I...can…make…you…happy” would you make him your boyfriend? If he looked at you with those cute robotic eyes, and told you he loved you, would you give him a chance? Are you open to a relationship with a robot? Read more

5 Different Kinds of Orgasms Women Can Experience

5 kinds of orgasms a woman can experience
I know what you’re thinking: “Different kinds of orgasms?!? I just want to orgasm, period.” The most popular questions I get asked from women time and time again is, “what’s wrong with me? I can’t orgasm during sex.” Nothing is wrong with you. Only about 30% of women reach orgasm during penetration alone. It can be challenging for many women to have orgasms with a man’s penis alone (sorry, guys). Read more

Get Out of Your Relationship Rut

Get out of that relationship rut, frustrated woman is stuck in a rut

You meet someone new. You think about them all the time and can’t wait until the moment when you see them next. You can’t eat, sleep or concentrate. You check your phone a hundred times a day to see if you missed their call or text. You feel energized like never before, you have butterflies, feel nervous and worry about what you do or say when you’re with this new person. You’re in the romantic love stage of a relationship and it feels so wonderful and magical and you want it to last forever.

But it doesn’t. The spark faded, the thrill is gone. Now what? You may panic, wondering if you made a mistake or if you’re not meant to be together. You should always have those feelings for someone if you’re in love, right? Research says no. For every relationship, it’s natural and normal for the I-can’t-stop-thinking-about-you feelings of romantic love to fade over time. In fact, on average, it only lasts about 18 months. Read more
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