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If I gave you the sex talk instead of your mother…

If I gave you the sex talk instead of your mother
  1. Sex can be a lot of fun, especially when you like the person you’re having sex with. (Let’s not get into hate sex right now).  
  2. Always use protection. Guys, slap on a condom. I don’t care if it doesn’t feel as spectacular as going in unclad. You’re still going to have orgasm and won’t have to pay child support for the rest of your life.Ladies, not only does birth control make your boobs bigger and your skin clearer, it prevents babies from popping out of you. There’s nothing worse than praying for your period. Then breaking down in tears of joy when the horrible cramps seize your body and you know you’re not pregnant.Get on birth control and make sure he’s wearing a condom. No guy is worth your time if he doesn’t want to wear one.  
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Is Your Boyfriend Making You Fat?

Cozying up to a new guy? Make sure his favorite foods aren’t part of the relationship. Guys are notorious for bad eating habits—beer, chips, and chicken wings, to name a few. If you’ve existed on salads and lean protein and suddenly find yourself on the sofa (what gym?) throwing back a rack of ribs, you may be headed for the boyfriend layer. Yep, that’s the layer of fat that sometimes comes along with the happiness, safety and security of a new relationship. Relationships and food are complex and intertwined. Here are some other things about relationships that may be sending you straight to the refrigerator: Read more

3 Ways to know he’s your keeper

3 ways to know he's your keeper
This post was originally titled “3 Ways to know he’s a keeper,” but I changed it to “your keeper,” because that’s what important here. Who the heck cares if the guy looks good on paper or if a lot of other women want to marry him? What matters if he’s your forever guy. That’s different for every woman. And here’s how to tell if the guy you’re dating is your keeper. Read more

Why Don’t Men Call?

why doesn't he call?
Doesn’t it drive you crazy? You meet a guy, you smile, you chat for a while, and then you give him your phone number. You’re waiting for him to call you, but instead he gets into a text game with you. But wait, let me ask you this question… When a man DOES call you, do you pick up the phone? If you miss his call, do you ring him back right away? Or do you just text him back and carry on with the texting game. Back and forth you go, without actually speaking or arranging a date. In today’s modern digital world, everyone is so confused. Nobody knows what to do when they meet someone. Should we call? Should we text? Should we Tweet? Read more

#AskPatti: Sucky sex after monogamy, lending money to your man, when to call him & more!

Ask Patti Stanger
Another week of great AskPatti questions this week, tweeps! You guys really do make my job completely fantastic! As we get deeper into November, I’d love to start addressing some holiday issues. So, hit me up with your holiday sex, love and relationship questions and I’ll put out a few holiday themed columns. Can’t wait! Now, onto this week! Read more

Gay Wedding Bliss

two men on top of a wedding cake
When I was a kid in high school, I remember loving all the history classes I took. I would often imagine what it would be like to have been alive and present for many of those great moments. Would I have been a rebel fighting at the picket lines for change- or would I have been a passer-by- watching and wondering what would happen. This past Sunday I had the opportunity to truly "marry" my affinity for history and my passion for love. I attended the Lesbian & Gay Wedding Expo sponsored by FRONTIERS Magazine in Downtown Los Angeles. Read more