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If You’re Not Happy With Yourself You’ll Never Be Happy With Someone Else

You’ve heard it before but really, it’s a basic truth in life: if we are not in a positive and content relationship with ourselves, attracting one with someone else is impossible. Read more

How to Let Go of The Past And Breathe Into The Future

So you've been hurt before and someone you deeply loved has let you down. You find yourself guarded after your last relationship and still a bit in denial. Where do you go from here? Your intuition is telling you to be cautious about who you let into your future, which has its benefits such as helping you weave out any bad apples that come your way. However, it can also hinder your personal growth. Read more

Compatibility Isn’t Everything: What Really Makes a Relationship Work

According to a study reviewed in Psychology Today called The Truth About Compatibility: Expert opinions on love and compatibility, and the interaction between biology and behavior (Hara Estroff Marano and Carlin Flora, 2004) examined relationships relative to compatibility and found that compatibility actually doesn’t revolve around a list of traits one has or doesn’t have, rather, compatibility is a process and something that one builds in their relationship. The study found that compatibility between a couple lies within the negotiating process within the relationship that is made up of one’s willingness to work together and both parties’ attitudes and dispositions. Read more

It’s Never A Cute Look To Lose Yourself In A Relationship

It can be easier than you think to lose yourself in a relationship. Extremely intoxicating relationships can be negative at times as they can somewhat hypnotize you to a point where you find yourself spending all your time with that person and not even realizing. If you’re always with your significant other then you are choosing to give all your time to one other person, not your friends, family or most importantly, yourself. You need to make sure to nurture all relationships in your life and give them equal attention as they each serve a different purpose in your life. Read more

The Break up Manual: How To Take Care of Yourself During a Breakup

So you just broke up with your boyfriend and you’re devastated, probably eating ice cream straight out of the bin and then what? How are you supposed to cope with such an eye-opening and traumatic reality you’re now faced with? Well you know what they say, if you’re going through hell, keep going! Read more

The Etiquette of Texting

Much like how we speak, how we text is very important when building a relationship with someone. Our culture texts so much that it is only natural to wonder how texting is affecting us and our relationships, it’s a concept completely worthy of analysis and discussion. The prevalence of texting in our society naturally begets the question: how is texting effecting our day-to-day interactions and relationships? Read more