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Manifest Your Man

We all have the desire to find the perfect lifelong partner for ourselves, which seems to come very easily to some and not so easily to others. The difference in those who seem to find a strong and long lasting love versus those who have a difficult time making love last and rather seem to always attract the wrong people is not by mere luck or chance, but rather it is contingent upon the quality of the individual’s thoughts which in turn dictates the result and the quality of one’s relationship and who they ultimately attract into their life. Read more

The Relationship Dos and Don’ts For The Modern World: The Social Media Dilemma

Woman faces social media dilemma with her relationship
When do you and your boyfriend make it ‘Facebook official’? Should you delete old pictures of your ex and you? Do you share your Facebook passwords with your boyfriend and vice versa? How do we define our real-life relationships, online, relative to social media? Today’s modern world poses a new dilemma, the social media dilemma, in which past generations never had to consider: How do we maneuver our real-life relationships into this new and inevitable social media arena and how do we distinguish when it’s appropriate to transition these relationships that we have in real life- online? It is exactly this: no different than in the olden days, we must lay down the ground rules for our relationships offline as well as online. Read more

Your Boy’s Best Friend is a Girl: How Close is Too Close?

Jealous girlfriend looks at her boyfriends relationship with another female friend
We all have best friends of the opposite sex, and if your boyfriend has a best girl friend and you have an issue with him having a relationship with other females you need to keep yourself in check and your jealousy under wraps girl friend! We can and should all have friends of the opposite sex, of course. But what about that gray area where your boyfriend and his closest girl friend have an underlying flirtatious side to their relationship? This immediately poses the question: how close is too close? I know I have maybe just as many best guy friends as I do girl friends, which is usually the norm for most people I know. However, when do we draw the line in intimacy in co-ed friendships and how do we balance with our best friend of the opposite sex relative to keeping your partner happy and comfortable with such a relationship? Read more

How to Tell if He’s Just Not That Into You

Man ignores girl, he's just not that into her
Okay girls, listen up because I know you’ve all been in this situation before: how do you know when he’s really into you or if he’s just not that into you and only in your life passing the time? I know we’ve all wracked our brains over this topic, but to keep it short and sweet there are distinct signs you should look for when deciphering whether he’s just not that into you. Read more

5 Qualities That You Should Look For in a Partner

A happy couple on the grass
According to an American Psychological Association journal article titled Happy Couples, along with the best selling book by Barbara De Angelis titled Are You the One for Me?: Knowing Who's Right and Avoiding Who's Wrong, pointed to five discernable qualities that a partnership must have to be successful. Try to seek these qualities in your partner and make sure you take the risk to open yourself up to truly find out these qualities about someone else. This means you will need to critically analyze this person with fairness and total objectivity. In doing so, this can result in a deeper connection with this person and save you a lot of time and trouble as it will ensure you are on the right path to picking the right matches for yourself. On the other hand, if someone does not meet these basic criteria then you should not consider this person a fitting partner for yourself and have the strength to walk away. Read more

When is the right time to go in for the kiss?

Couple shares their first kiss
I honestly don’t know what is worse, a guy going in for the kiss too soon or not going in soon enough. What I do know, is that if a guy comes into the personal space territory when he is not wanted there yet, well that can be a big problem. Barf. It’s totally weird for everyone, including the people that happen to witness it.  At least the bystanders got a good laugh out of it, the two people involved, not so much. Read more