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How to Tell if He’s Just Not That Into You

Man ignores girl, he's just not that into herOkay girls, listen up because I know you’ve all been in this situation before: how do you know when he’s really into you or if he’s just not that into you and only in your life passing the time? I know we’ve all wracked our brains over this topic, but to keep it short and sweet there are distinct signs you should look for when deciphering whether he’s just not that into you.

Before analyzing these basic signs, one must always keep in mind the golden rule that applies to all guys: they only do what they deem important and what’s worth putting effort forth, thus, they will make the time only for what they want- so if you constantly find your man not having enough time for you or making up one thousand and one excuses as to why he’s not calling or texting you, well because the truth always hurts, he’s just not that into you.

1. They’re always ‘so busy’

I don’t care if he’s Tom Ford, he’ll find the time to do the things he wants and make the time for the people who are important to him no matter what. So, if your guy keeps reiterating to you just how ‘busy’ he is and how his life has so many problems and so little time that’s why he isn’t calling you regularly- then this is a big red flag. If he’s not finding the time to contact you on the reg*, then guess what, he’s just not that into you. So sorry and on to the next girl friend because basically when it comes down to it, nobody is that busy and when someone is genuinely interested they make the time to be near you, period.

2. He’s not initiating and he’s not consistent, instead sporadically contacting you

This should be a no brainer, but you’d be surprised as to how many girls are totally blind to this obvious cue. SO if he has plenty of opportunities to talk to you and never takes them, that’s a sign he’s just not that into you. Given that, if you find yourself being the initiator most of the time and he responds with very little to say, this is a huge indicator that he’s just not that into you. As we all should realize, when someone is truly interested in you and getting to know you, they will consistently demonstrate and make their affection known, leaving you with absolutely no doubts about it. An ambiguous relationship is another way of saying, ‘I’m just not that into you’.

3. Doesn’t do what he says he’s going to do

Like all things in life, if someone talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk, how are you supposed to take them seriously? If a guy is really interested in you he will follow through with promises and not just say he will do something, he will actually do it and make sure it’s perfect, all for you. So if you find your guy saying he will call but he doesn’t call, well sorry girlfriend he’s just not that into you, time to move on to the next one!

4. Invites his friends along on your alone time together

OK this one is kind of hilariously obvious. If he’s not spending alone time with you and on top of it, if he’s turning your dates into, well, a big group hang out, well I’m sorry but he’s just not that into you baby gurl. If a guy truly likes you he will want you alone so you two can share more intimacy rather than sharing you with his friends. It’s great to hang out in groups of each other’s friends but if that’s all you’re basically doing then he’s just not that into you, end of story.

 5. They treat you like an option.

Let’s leave this one short and sweet because this one is embarrassingly obvious as well, or should be. SO- if you’re not the only one, he’s just not that into you. If he has Ashley, Trisha and Erica calling and texting him on the side, you’re just another notch on his belt, please get up, point and laugh at him and move on.

6.  They talk incessantly about themselves while not really taking an interest in you

This one is crucial and really annoying. If your guy is more interested in talking about himself and making sure you’re listening and catering to him, well, he’s two things: a douchebag and not that into you.

These signs should be a big red flag for you and if they aren’t, your friends should smack some sense into you and better yet, you should smack yourself and get some self-respect because you deserve someone to be not just ‘into you’ but obsessed and totally head over heals for you and if he’s not, move on! Go be single because life is too short for that game playing ‘bs’ that is just passing time, might as well be single and fabulous.