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Is baking the way to a man’s heart?

Is the way to a man’s heart really through his stomach?  My answer is, kind of! You see, men are just like women in some ways — They want to know that we care about them. If you’ve got a good man on your hands, he really just wants to know that he’s important to you. Does that mean if you bake him cookies, he will fall into your arms? No. Does it mean that a little goes a long way? Yes. So, here are 5 super cute and super small ways to show that you care. And for the men: This list totally works both ways. If you bake sweets for a women, she’ll know you’ve got the hots for her.

Bake a sweet treat

Again, food is one of the easiest ways to show a man that you care. If you want to do something special for him, whip up a sweet treat you’ll know he’ll love. My favorite romance treat? Red velvet cupcakes. There’s something sexy about that deep red color and super rich flavor.

Send a note

The digital age has made a lot of parts of dating way more complicated. What single girl hasn’t spent hours trying to decipher the meaning of a stupid smiley face emoticon in a text? Despite that aggravation, the online world has made it easier to show your dude that you care. All it takes is a second to copy the code from a funny video into an e-mail and hit send. It’ll totally put a smile on his face, even after he stops laughing, because he’ll be happy to know that you thought of him during your busy day.

Be interested

A good way to show that you’re interested in him is to be interested in him. Duh. Once you know what his hobbies are, do a little digging on your own. If he’s into the local baseball team, read up a bit on what’s going on with their latest trade so you can have a conversation about it. If he’s a big cook, find some recipes that you think would be fun to make together. Basically, take a little interest in his interests and he’ll be super grateful.

Figure out some favors

Do tiny things to make your man’s life easier and he’ll know you care. The best is when you can figure out a favor that he didn’t even ask for. These can be really simple — Put last night’s leftovers into a brown bag for him to take to lunch or wrap the gift for his niece’s birthday. Things like this that will take almost no time out of your day, will totally make his.

Remember the little things

Keep track of the small events going on in your guy’s life and ask him about it. Sure he expects you to ask about the major presentation last week, but what about his weekly progress report with his boss? Or his softball team’s annual picnic? A quick check in about small things he’s mentioned will let him know that you’re listening.

Sometimes we ladies forget just how simple showing our affection can be and how important it is to men. Even if they’d never admit it.

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