Millionaire Matchmaker

3 Contestants in the Millionaire Matchmaker Hall of Fame

Millionaire Matchmaker hall of fameThere was the Prince, The Self-Help Gurus and, of course, Shauna. We have seen it all come across our doorstep, driven by hopes of finding a life partner, and it’s certainly been an experience for both me and everybody on the Millionaire Matchmaker team.

After five seasons, going on six, it’s hard to pick just three Hall of Fame contestants, but these three go down in history. 

Of course Prince “charming” had a big head and a mouth to match…

Hello? What woman doesn’t dream of a finding a prince? When Prince Max, who is from one of the oldest royal families in Europe, came on the show, hearts dropped… until he opened his mouth. Max was a great looking guy with a lot to offer a woman, but — and this is a big “but” — he couldn’t stop talking about himself! His extensive bragging about his fabulous life and getting women made me wonder: Was his ambition focused on the right thing?

Who wouldn’t be turned off — right, ladies? It was hard to watch him interact with his dates without wanting to step in and put a stop to them. It wasn’t hard to figure out why he had been having trouble finding someone to settle down with. Men, are you listening?

The self-help gurus just needed to flip the tables 

During the same season, we had two self-help gurus seek us out for help with finding their perfect matches. Steve’s bad habit of dating the wrong women took us through a special look to his past to see where and why he couldn’t date anybody appropriate. It was a lot of work! Doing that dirty work can help you, like it did Steve, to find the deeper meaning of an unhealed wound from your past. Address it and learn from it.

And Gary’s mile-long list of endless must-haves? With such unrealistic expectations, his troubles in finding love were obvious. He needed to understand that part of loving people is to love them for who they are.

Runaway millionaire running from reality

How can we forget Shauna from season two? Between her diva behavior and problem with dating age-appropriate men that had to look perfect, it was easy to read between the lines. Finding Mr. Right would be a challenge. We set out to free her from her set idea that youth and beauty meant a perfect match — but there was no way to prepare for the moment she literally took one look at her date and ran as fast as possible back into the hotel, leaving her Louboutin heel behind. Her date — as well as the rest of us — was appalled. That was an episode to remember for sure.

Photo courtesy of Nicole Wilder/Bravo

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