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What Gay and Lesbian Sex Dreams REALLY Mean

Girl on girl action may be exciting for a guy, but when we of the fairer sex dream about it, it can be a bit unnerving.  And guy on guy action is sometimes displeasing for a man who is an avowed skirt chaser.  If you are not gay and you have a gay or lesbian dream, it does not mean you have a hidden desire to bat for the other team.  What it does mean is that you are indeed proud of being a member of said team.

The sex with the same gender dreams are cousin to the mystery lover dreams in that the meaning is most often focused on gender roles.  For example, when a woman does something that makes her feel particularly feminine, such as mothering a sick friend or getting cat calls from a construction crew across the street, she could very well be the proud recipient of a lesbian dream that night!  When a man does something particularly manly, such as getting a raise or replacing the timing belt in his car, he too may very well find a man loving up on him that night.

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Exclusive Interview with Alex & Sierra

It’s usually around this time of year, when it really starts to set in that fall, has indeed arrived. Gone are the usual flirts with warm weather. My light sweaters are graced with scarves and jackets and all of my favorite musicians seem to be releasing their albums just in time for the holidays. But before I start downloading new holiday music on ITunes or even humming some old favorites, I begin on my usual binge of sorting through all the new music and finding the gems that speak directly to my romantic bone. Read more



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The Break up Manual: How To Take Care of Yourself During a Breakup

So you just broke up with your boyfriend and you’re devastated, probably eating ice cream straight out of the bin and then what? How are you supposed to cope with such an eye-opening and traumatic reality you’re now faced with? Well you know what they say, if you’re going through hell, keep going! Read more

What Age Should You Start Having Kids?

What's the "right" age to get pregnant for the first time?  33- according to actress Kirsten Dunst.

"I'm in baby mode because two of my really good friends are pregnant right now," Dunst, who's 33rd birthday is next April, said in a recent interview with Red magazine.  "I think 33 is a good age to have your first baby."

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Five First Date Fears You Have to Get Over

Picture the scene. An attractive woman arrives at a restaurant ready to meet a blind date. Stepping into the candlelit room she is greeted with a smile and little quip that puts her at ease. It’s baking hot outside, but cool where they sit.  Her date feeds her morsels while smoothly ordering champagne. She laughs till her sides ache then they kiss. In the real world of first dates, there are sadly a few obstacles thrown in our paths to panic or disrupt the romantic tone. Do you tend to sweat profusely when nervous? Do you freeze up on the spot and find yourself grappling for chat? Do you worry they can see your flaws? Read more