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Nana Wereko-Brobby Nana Wereko-Brobby is a professional date concierge, running well-heeled London dating agency Social Concierge.

Nana organises elegant and unusual drinking and dining events for her handpicked members, seeking out the newest openings in town and the best experiences for young professional singletons.

Nana's mission is to change the way people date, taking the stress away from interview-style dating and making it more fun. Whether dating at secret supperclubs or in hidden bars, Nana is an expert on how to ‘curate’ a date night.

As an expert in the field, Nana has written for numerous publications about the dating game – where to go and how to play it. As well as articles in the Huffington Post, Nana has appeared in The MailOnline, A Small World magazine, the Evening Standard and a writes dating columns for key magazines, London and global.

It’s no longer just about who you date, it’s how you date.

And Nana’s the woman to ask about that.

Check out her site at Coming to a city near you soon.

Posts by Nana

Five First Date Fears You Have to Get Over

Picture the scene. An attractive woman arrives at a restaurant ready to meet a blind date. Stepping into the candlelit room she is greeted with a smile and little quip that puts her at ease. It’s baking hot outside, but cool where they sit.  Her date feeds her morsels while smoothly ordering champagne. She laughs […]

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First Kiss: The Dating Experiment. Is chemistry enough?

Has anyone out there not seen the First Kiss video?  A US clothing brand got 20 people together and filmed them kissing for the first time in front of a camera. It was mesmerising, steamy and quite beautiful. However, the people doing the kissing were models, actors and singers – extremely good looking and not […]

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Dating around the globe First stop: London

First stop: The Hotel Bar Crawl in London There was a time when dating in a hotel bar was considering classy. An old fashioned gent would invite his date to share a martini under the glistening chandelier, as a pianist tinkled away in the background and the European concierge dimmed the lights. But somewhere along […]

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