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Same Old Story: Depressed and Isolated Again

Reader Same Old Story writes, Okay, to get straight to the point. I am starting over, yet again. New country, new job, new friends. My previous job and life... aargh! It was filled with a bunch of bad experiences, my work situation was awful and I worked really hard not to end in a bad way too- not sure how well it worked out. Now I have a great job, supportive boss- everything is perfect...what is terrifying is that  I am  starting to notice the "old me" constantly depressed, frustrated, losing my life to the job, it takes me so much time to complete any task, and it's a never ending story there is always more to do...and yes I'm single, very few short term relationships, no hobbies but surfing the web... Read more

Help! Obsessed with My Partner’s Ex Being Hotter Than Me!

Reader Not as Hot writes: My husband and I have been married a little over a year now and are expecting our first child in January. For some crazy reason I asked the dumbest question to my husband on our one year anniversary. I asked if he thought his ex was prettier than me... dumb I know... but then he lied and said no. I could tell he was lying and it broke my heart. I immediately started crying. Not ever having looked at her before I decided to look her up on facebook and yup she's gorgeous... I then find myself looking through all her pictures and criticizing myself on everything I could change about me to be that beautiful, that maybe he could find me prettier than her.. and now I feel incompetent. I just cant shake that he thinks she's prettier than me, I'm even believing it now and my self esteem is going right down the drain. Any pointers on how to help me get over this or something I should do? Read more

Relationship Rules: Why Did My Girlfriend Dump Me?

Sometimes it is hard to see why a significant other dumps you. Though it may seem out of the blue, there are always underlying issues that we can't always see. BUT! That's why you have Dr. Rodman to decipher the issue and let you know what really happened! Read more

How Do I Stop Picking The Wrong Women

Reader All the Wrong Women writes about a habit close to Patti’s heart…. How do I get out of the habit of dating the same types of women, despite my conscious attempts to choose women who are different?  Specifically, I have a tendency to date women who are disorganized-they habitually run late, and can't manage their money; two traits that bother me, because they smack of irresponsibility and/or a lack of self-control. Also, most women whom I date are politically and religiously conservative. I am neither of those. I realize that at some (unconscious) level, I am choosing them. But, how do I stop doing that? Thanks!

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What Happens When He Finishes Quick?

Reader Betty Jo asks:

Why does my partner finish faster when I give him a blowjob or a handjob as compared to sex? Should I feel upset by this?

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What To Do When Your Partner Wants More Sex

Reader Usual Problem writes: Hi, I've been following your "Functional Couple Friday" articles (I'm always curious to find out what other couples do to maintain their relationships) and I've noticed that a lot of the couples who seem the happiest, have similar levels of sex drive. This is not the case with me (32) and my partner (23) of two years. When we met we were instantly drawn and attracted to each other. In the beginning we had sex at least 4 times a week, often more. As we settled in to the relationship, my sexual appetite became less. My mood is easily affected by external factors, such as financial issues, health issues, and small annoyances. I get the strong sense that he is convinced that my sex drive is below average. I know it's important for (many) women to invest time and effort into sexual activity and I'm trying to do that but I also often feel quite pressured. I know if it was up to him, we'd be having sex every day and somehow that knowledge is always in the back of my mind, pressuring me. Read more