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My Dad’s Jokes Are Ruining My Love Life

  I finally found a young single guy who was willing to ask me a dating question!  This is just the beginning.  Mid-twenties guys are great.  Everyone wants to date them, and by everyone, I mean mid-twenties women, who are my main readers here.  Also older women, but let’s not get into the cougar dynamic right now. So, please tell all your brothers/new guys at work/mannies/absurdly hot random guys at the gym to write in with more questions so I don't lose momentum with this key demographic. Read more

Are you Too Cold, Too Warm, or Just Right?

Women! This quiz is for you. Do all your friends tell you that you treat guys like crap, but you think you just know how you deserve to be treated, which is like a minor deity? Do you walk into a bar and say, “Ew, everyone here is terrible” more than three times a week? Conversely, do you frequently find yourself planning your wedding to a man you just met yesterday? Do you usually find yourself holding on to a relationship after the guy is long gone and possibly even is married to the girl he dated after you? And has a baby? If either of the above resonates with you, this handy dandy quiz may help you see if you’re coming off too cold, too hot, or just right, Goldilocks. Read more

Dish with Dr. Rodman – “Stuck on the Ex Who Doesn’t Want You”

Reader Susan who is a fan of my Patti Knows column writes: I wanted to ask you about a past "relationship" that I am still not over. He was the first guy I've experienced chemistry with. We dated for 2 months and he's the type that is always looking for "the one" or someone "better." Things ended because he didn't get that "feeling" he's seeking. He became involved with another girl, but I still always find myself trying to get back in touch with him, hoping they have broken up. Read more

Reasons To Enjoy Being Single

If you’re reading this post, there is a good chance you’re single, and are wondering, "What am I doing wrong here?" Well, first of all, see my previous post for possible answers. Second of all, I think a better question is: How can I enjoy this time in my life, when I am not tied down, when I am in fact as free as the proverbial bird and can do anything, anytime, anywhere? That, my friends, is the question... Read more

Why Does Everyone I Meet Suck?

Hello and welcome to Relationship Rules with Dr. Rodman.  You can consider me your friendly neighborhood psychologist.  I like helping people with their love lives, watching reality TV, and cooking things that my toddlers refuse to eat.  I was raised in Brooklyn New York and now I’m in private practice outside Washington DC.  Now, you’re thinking, “I read enough biographical crap like this on the tons of dating sites I belong to.  I thought I was clicking on something that was going to tell me why everyone I meet is terrible.  And why it appears I am going to die alone, despite being extremely intelligent, successful, attractive, and modest.”  See, I told you I was a psychologist.  I totally got into your head there.  So let’s tackle your questions, and fix up your depressing excuse for a love life, all in this one column. Read more