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Is your dude always late? Ditch him! Here’s why.

This past weekend, I was getting drinks with my girlfriend and her new guy. It was the first time I was meeting this guy and he showed up 45 minutes late to meet us. While we were waiting, she said that this wasn’t a big deal at all. He’s always late. When he finally showed up, he was nice enough. But, I texted her immediately after leaving drinks and told her that she had to dump him now. She was shocked at my reaction and the next day, we actually had a long phone call about it. Here’s what I told her Read more

How to plan when romance is uncertain

It’s probably not a surprise to literally anyone that I’m a control freak. I just like to know what’s going on and when and how... and I want everything to go exactly my way all the time. Why is that so hard? I’ve been putting a lot of work into accepting what is and enjoying the ride without being the driver – and I’ve made a lot of progress! Still, I’d say I’m not my best when things are uncertain. Read more

Single girl, you want a man by next V-Day? Here’s exactly how you should spend February 14th

Even for someone like me – who literally is in love with love itself – February 14thcan feel pretty miserable when you’re single. If you don’t want to feel like this when your next Valentine’s Day comes around, you have to change something. Actually, babe, you have to change a lot of things. And you can start on February 14thby doing a few really easy tasks. Read more

7 Ways to make your single girl Valentine’s Day awesome

It’s never too early for me to be thinking about Valentine’s Day. And yep, that holds even on years when I’m single. I’m a romantic at heart and nothing changes about that part of my heart, whether it’s taken or not. I like Valentine’s Day because it celebrates love, but I get that’s not how everyone feels about the day. One of my girlfriends recently told me that she’s dreading “single awareness day.” Ugh. I don’t want her – or you – to feel crappy on February 14th. Read more

What your millionaire’s attitude about Valentine’s Day really says

Valentine’s Day is upon us and while I 100% love Valentine’s Day, I know it’s a divisive holiday. I know people say stuff like it’s a Hallmark manufactured day, and sure. Maybe it is. But, what does that matter? Just take a day to celebrate love, people! Life is hard and love is worth a freaking day! But, still, I know it’s not for everyone. If you’re surprised by your millionaire’s man reaction to Valentine’s Day or just wondering what his take on the holiday means, here’s how you can figure it out Read more

5 Jewelry gifts guaranteed make your Valentine feel like a million bucks

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you went all out on holiday gift giving, you probably feel pretty spent in the ideas department. Well, don’t worry. That’s why jewelry was invented! Jewelry is the perfect gift for any lady on any occasion, but especially on Valentine’s Day because it’s so romantic. Read more
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