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My Three Golden Rules of Dinner Date Planning!

Variety's the very spice of life, that gives it all it's flavour.”― William Cowper When it comes planning a perfect night out, I am often asked how I choose the best restaurant for a successful date night. Naturally, there are a couple key things that should come into consideration when choosing the ideal dinner location. Things like the food preferences of your guest and ambiance should always be first on your list! I repeat, FIRST! Although these are very simple things to remember, I have been very surprised when I hear about many “first date nightmares.” Read more

Embrace Change!

“The only thing that is constant is change” -Heraclitus. In Los Angeles, we are creatures of habit. We stay in our individual “bubbles” and never tend to venture out.  Dinner invites to the east or west of me are carefully thought out like answers on a college application. I go to the same grocery store, barbershop and coffee shop so much that everyone knows me on a first name basis. Read more

Exclusive Interview with Alex & Sierra

It’s usually around this time of year, when it really starts to set in that fall, has indeed arrived. Gone are the usual flirts with warm weather. My light sweaters are graced with scarves and jackets and all of my favorite musicians seem to be releasing their albums just in time for the holidays. But before I start downloading new holiday music on ITunes or even humming some old favorites, I begin on my usual binge of sorting through all the new music and finding the gems that speak directly to my romantic bone. Read more

Are We Just Picking Wrong?

“Where have all the good ones gone?” It’s the question that I am most commonly asked by men and women that I meet everyday. People are constantly telling me “It’s so hard to date in a big city! Nobody here wants a relationship!” That conversation is usually accompanied by a hefty list of first date disasters and daydreams about moving to a small town where – and I quote, “They understand relationships more.” Read more

How to have a Perfect Date!

When it comes to planning the perfect night out for a date, there are many questions that run through ones mind in order to plan accordingly: “What kind of food should we eat” “Should we just have drinks or should I splurge on dinner?” “Do I want something romantic or casual?” All these questions and more add to the list of concerns that everyone has had when planning a night out on the town. Read more

Why Your “List Of Dating Non Negotiables” Needs A Second Look!

                            In Los Angeles, beautiful people are everywhere. They come from all parts of the world to seek out that dream of becoming a movie star, singer or dancer. But with the blessing of beauty for these fine specimens, comes great responsibility. One must eat right, exercise and as I like to say it…. lead a boring life of sugarless latte’s and gluten free dinners with no dessert! Read more