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The Time We Slowed Down

In Los Angeles, people are always busy. Busy in a meeting, busy on a conference call or even busy on a conference call trying to arrange a meeting. I honestly think I have a better chance of coordinating dinner with the President than I have with some of my friends these days. When I finally get people to meet up for dinner and a little human interaction, it’s a battle to see who can stay off their phones and concentrate on being present and enjoying the moment.  I have always promised myself that I would never be one of those people, too busy to make time for his close friends. Read more

Date Night With David: The Night We Laid All The Cards on The Table

It’s another perfect night in West Hollywood, it’s about 70 degrees and the sun is setting and painting the sky with a beautiful purple and gold haze. Tonight, for the first time, I am gathering with a few friends, clients and fans to dish about their adventures in love and dating. I have always been fond of gathering a small group of people and just talking. It’s a rarity in our tech. driven world to just sit and talk one on one and face to face. Tonight we gather at Tortilla Republic, a fabulous “Modern Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar” in the heart of West Hollywood.  This is the perfect place to gather my friends and see what’s new in the world of dating, as well as help dish some solid advice to my friends in need. Read more

10 Reasons to Delete Your Hook Up App!

Most of the better part of my career has been spent sitting in conversations with men pleading with me to help them find a boyfriend.  After many hours of hearing them out I begin to ask them a little about themselves and dig deep into what they really want from a relationship. Inevitably we get to discussing how they currently meet men and as if it was a scene from Groundhogs Day, they always answer the same way: Read more

Would You Rather…?

Man has to make a choice
When I first moved to Los Angeles, one the weirdest things that I had to get used to was the odd array of decisions that came with finding a place to live. For example, when I lived in Orange County, most houses & apartments were new. The hardest thing I ever had to decide on was whether or not to paint a wall in my living room. In LA, it’s quite the contrary.  Every visit to an apartment complex or home becomes an intense version of the game ‘Would You Rather!” -each answer to the question being harder than the question itself. Read more

Are you Typecast when it comes to Dating?

David Cruz and Patti Stanger
Oh Los Angeles, sometimes I simply love you and sometimes I just can’t help but loathe you. When I first set up camp in LA I made every effort to say I wasn’t of those “actors” or “models” hustling their way through the trenches of casting calls, auditions and headshots. I was an independent – free of the great big LA cattle call. But even as I fought tooth and nail to stay clear of the “Hollywood” lifestyle- my dating life seemed to be mirroring just that. Every date seemed to be just like a casting call and every suitor seemed like he could be the “ big break” relationship I was longing to score. Read more

Toms in Love, Now Shut the F#ck Up.

A few weeks ago I was spinning at the news that Olympic Diver, Tom Daley not only had (unofficially) come out, but was also in love. In an instant, Tom was becoming a major role model for many young fans around the world dealing with their own sexuality. But naturally the press did not want to focus on that part of the story and instead they said “screw that” and decided to focus on the possibility that he is dating Oscar winning screenwriter, Dustin Lance Black. Read more