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The Pick Up Lines

This past weekend, I was super excited to partake in one of Boystown’s newest Night Life Attractions: The Pick Up Line! The “Pick Up Line” is a free trolley service that was created to encourage local nightlife seekers to adventure out on foot and safely enjoy the many bars and restaurants along Santa Monica Boulevard. Once on board, we were instantly greeted by a friendly driver, thumping dance music and shoved into a mass of good-looking men. “I have died and gone to heaven,” I instantly think. Read more

Popcorn for One

In the city of West Hollywood, there is always a multitude of things to do at any given hour of the day. From brunch to shopping, spa appointments to happy hour; one could entertain a small group of tourists without ever leaving the city limits. A quick glance of my daily calendar reads like a 6-year-olds play date schedule: “10am brunch with Adam,” “12pm Boot Camp with Valerie” “3pm Mani/Pedi with Klarissa” At first glance, you would think that this is a fabulous day of pampering and life balance. But a second look reminds me that something very crucial is missing from the picture… “Me” Read more

I Dare You

Living in West Hollywood is amazing. On one block of Santa Monica Blvd. you can grab a drink at the best bars in Boystown. Just north on Sunset, you have some of the greatest restaurants and just down Robertson,  you have some of the best shopping in town. In my fantasy, Channing Tatum and I do all of the above except he pays for everything on his Amex Black Card. A boy can dream. Read more

We Have it All

Welcome to West Hollywood. The Gay Mecca of Los Angeles! If you have never been to Weho (as its affectionately referred too) then you are missing out. The men here are HOT! And when I say hot, I mean, this is the city where your all your sexual fantasies come to procreate and have hot babies. Read more