The Adventures of Cupid in Boystown

Popcorn for One

In the city of West Hollywood, there is always a multitude of things to do at any given hour of the day.

From brunch to shopping, spa appointments to happy hour; one could entertain a small group of tourists without ever leaving the city limits.

A quick glance of my daily calendar reads like a 6-year-olds play date schedule:

“10am brunch with Adam,”

“12pm Boot Camp with Valerie”

“3pm Mani/Pedi with Klarissa”

At first glance, you would think that this is a fabulous day of pampering and life balance. But a second look reminds me that something very crucial is missing from the picture…


Popcorn for One

Not me plus friend, or boyfriend or even trainer…just me.

When comes to alone time in the city of endless options, do we forget that the most rewarding date is the one we make with ourselves?

I often hear people shriek at the idea of heading to a movie solo or even sitting at their favorite restaurant by themselves. The usual fear is that people will think that you are strange, a loner or a cat lady on a date with her imaginary husband.

It’s all quite silly.

The truth is, a “Me Date” is very empowering and is crucial to the success of your future relationships.

If one cannot conquer the fear of being by themselves and essentially enjoying their independence from a relationship, then one will never be able to be self-sufficient and enjoy the person that they are.

In all my years of dating and heartbreak, I have learned that when you depend on others to be happy, you are missing out on who you are and what make YOU happy.
When you schedule “Me Dates” you allow yourself to explore and discover the complex person that you are. You figure out your creativity, your tastes and most importantly, your dislikes in life.

“Me Dates” allow you to understand who you are—so that when that special person finally comes along and says to you, “tell me about yourself” you can respond with perfect assurance telling him everything you have learned about yourself.

This is the very root of confidence and at the very core of independence.

Do whatever it takes to make this happen and you will be on your way to a happy and healthy relationship with yourself and eventually Mr. Right.

Now hop in your car and head to the nearest movie theater and watch that movie you’ve been dying to see. Tell no one—this date is all about you and doing what you enjoy!

When you get there, tell them with complete confidence that you’ll only need a ticket for one. Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy your “Me Date!”

Till Next Blog,

David (Aka Cupid)