The Love Report

The Power of Manifestation

Hey everybody,

Last week Love Report was so strong and we got such great feedback we decided to do a little bit more about manifestation.Of course, there’s a little playful teasing going on between David and myself.

See, I kind of think David doesn’t date age-appropriate women. You know my theory, 10 up/10 down. I think David is slowly inching his way down to 20 down and zero up. Then again in David’s mind, that’s the adding 10 up and 10 down gives you a reason to still get 20 down.

So, listen in. See for yourself if David is dating age appropriate women, or is he going to manifest and bring on exactly what he doesn’t want. Talking about manifestation. We go deeper today, David and I go even deeper into manifestations and how to really bring in what you want instead of literally bringing in what you don’t want.

So many people don’t understand the power of what you think about, you bring about. So today, we go deeper into this and really help you understand that all your thoughts are exactly — is energy you’re sending out to the universe. When you send these thoughts out to the universe, you’re getting exactly back what you have just put out there, which usually is not what most people want.

So today’s Love Report is a little heated, I must say, between David and myself. But it’s one of my all-time favorite topics, and it comes right from my heart, because I want to see all of you get the love that you deserve, because that’s what I’m here for, the reason why I went into match-making, so I can not only work through my own stuff, because you know we’re all working through every single day, but to literally get all of you to meet and really find somebody you love.

So, today is a very deep, great subject that I think all of you will enjoy.