Date Makeup According to Science

Use Your Eyes:

Eyes are historically known as the most magnetic part of one's personality. Large eyes signal high fertility from a biological perspective and this may explain why study after study shows that women with larger eyes are seen as more attractive. This is why batting the eyelashes has been used for centuries to get attention as well as make the eyes stand out. Read more

“I Want More Sex”

Reader I Want More writes, I've been married for almost 7 years I am 26 he is 30, no kids. My husband’s lack of sex drive has been a struggle our whole marriage. Both times I found what appeared to be a source of his lack of drive but the amount of sex hasn't changed despite those factors being gone. We have had it rough he had an affair six months in (we were very young, he was very stupid) and at 4 years I found out he was watching porn since he was 13. He tried to see a therapist but it didn't work out, we resolved it on our own.  We talk, I cry, he says sorry, he tried a bit, then it goes back into the same one a week thing. when we do have sex it's great and passionate and loving. He's my best friend. But it's not often enough and I feel rejected. Should I just be happy that when we have it it's great or should I keep pushing for more. By the way, his hormones have been tested and he's fine in that aspect. Help! Read more

The Six Men to Avoid at all Costs

In dating there are times when we simply need to walk away at the first sign of a red flag. In my experience as a relationship therapist I've seen six types of men who are un-dateable -- at least for now. Watch out ladies: They could end up being a huge waste of your time and possibly even end up hurting you. Here are the the top 6 men to avoid like the plague (and why you're attracted to them!) Read more

What your “Break Up” Style Says About You

Let's face it: Ending a relationship can be one of the most difficult things you have to go through in your life. As a relationship expert and psychotherapist, I've seen many people's reactions to a relationship that just didn't work out (some pretty, and some not!), and I've learned that the way a person reacts to this hardship really says a lot about them. I've compiled a list of 4 types of break-up personalities I've seen and my take on what's really under the surface. Read more

Are All the Good Ones Really Taken?

Woman searches for the right guy

It's always surprising to me when I see a young, beautiful, accomplished woman tell me that "all the good ones are taken." As a relationship therapist I hear this complaint all the time, but does it have any truth?

Most of us are convinced that people 10 years younger have it easier, have more selection, and that more people want dates in a lower age range. The ironic part is that men and women of all ages tell me the same story - but they're all young, eligible, and very dateable.

I'm here to tell you with confidence that no, all the good ones are not taken! There are plenty of eligible, good looking, and actually intelligent people out there, no matter what your age - and there are lots of ways to find them.

Here are some common areas that my clients make mistakes while looking for love and how to fix them: Read more