5 Ways To Stay Healthy and Sexy This Winter

A temperatures nationwide are dropping, most of us are fighting the urge to hibernate on the couch with Netflix and pizza. Our inner monologue goes a little something like this: We'll work out after the holidays, it's simply too cold to go outside, nobody will notice if our bodies aren't as tight as they were in the spring--thanks, leggings and over-sized sweaters! There is one glaring problem with that kind of mentality. You'll know. You'll know that you're putting your health on hold for the holidays, and you'll definitely know when your skinny jeans are a bit too skinny. It doesn't feel good to let yourself go, even just for a season. Not feeling your best can take a serious toll on your confidence, which can have a direct effect on your dating success, more than your pants size ever could. Read more

Will Your Summer Fling Make it to the Fall?

  So you've met someone at a summer BBQ, or on a girl's trip to the beach, or somewhere equally as summer-esque, and things went well. You're hoping that this summer fling of yours will last well into September, into the romantic season of changing leaves, fantasy football (heh) and chilly temps perfect for cuddling...but will it? Here is how to determine if your summer fling will make it to the fall-and beyond. Read more

3 Ways Being Dumped Can Make You Better

The end of a relationship is never easy, especially when you are the one on the "dumpee" end of the stick. It's normal to fall down a slight shame spiral, wondering what you did wrong and why nobody loves you and probably never will. While it's okay to indulge in a 48 hour Netflix, Pinkberry and self pity binge, when you come out the other side you might find that are actually much better off. Sometimes being dumped can actually make you better, so next time you see your ex, tell him thank-you. It will really freak him out. Read more

The Top 5 Things Women Can’t Stand About Men

WeLoveDates recently released a survey revealing what twenty five women find unattractive about men. Among all of the answers were some commonalities, things that women across the board and across the world, can't stand about men. Guys, are you guilty of any of these top 5 things women find unattractive in the opposite sex? Read more

Why a Relationship Won’t “Complete” You

When you're single, there is always the slight chance that today will be the day when you meet the person you've been looking for, and along with that comes many, many hopes for the future. While looking ahead and being optimistic is always a great thing, it can also put you in a sort of holding pattern when it comes to the present day. Do you find yourself thinking things like: When I have a boyfriend, I will finally be totally happy? If so, you're waiting for a relationship to complete you, to fill a void and then, and only then will you be 100% satisfied with your life. But...what about right now? Don't you deserve 100% right now, today, this moment?  Because what happens when you do fall in love, and it's wonderful and magic...and yet, you still aren't happy or complete. Breaking news! No relationship can complete you. Here is why. Read more

An Interview with Whitney English

Finding a balance between dating and living a healthy lifestyle isn't always easy. Some of us are so committed to our diet and exercise routines that we turn down romantic dinner dates in lieu of eating chicken and broccoli out of a tupperware, while others completely throw any semblance of healthy living out the window when dating, choosing instead to eat, drink and binge watch Netflix on the couch in a new relationship love cocoon. So what's a girl to do when she wants to make the most out of being single without sacrificing her health and fitness goals? I asked Whitney English, celebrity journalist, host and author of the website “To Live and Diet In LA” for her tips and insight on dating while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Check out her answers below! 

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