5 Ways To Stay Healthy and Sexy This Winter


A temperatures nationwide are dropping, most of us are fighting the urge to hibernate on the couch with Netflix and pizza. Our inner monologue goes a little something like this: We’ll work out after the holidays, it’s simply too cold to go outside, nobody will notice if our bodies aren’t as tight as they were in the spring–thanks, leggings and over-sized sweaters!

There is one glaring problem with that kind of mentality. You’ll know. You’ll know that you’re putting your health on hold for the holidays, and you’ll definitely know when your skinny jeans are a bit too skinny. It doesn’t feel good to let yourself go, even just for a season. Not feeling your best can take a serious toll on your confidence, which can have a direct effect on your dating success, more than your pants size ever could.

Of course, the same approach you took to health and fitness in the Spring and Summer aren’t very realistic when it’s basically freezing outside. Here are five ways to stay healthy-and feel sexy-this Winter.

1. Find a Workout You L-O-V-E

Dragging yourself to the gym or workout class is ten times harder in the winter, not only because staying in as that much more appealing but also because we are all so busy this time of year. This is the time to find a routine you absolutely love. There are tons of new exercise classes popping up these days, from the Bari Studio to Lagree Fitness. Buy yourself some cute new workout clothes and make working up a sweat something to look forward to this season, not just one more thing on your to-do list.

2. Practice Balance

Is it insanely difficult to practice “moderation” during the holidays, at least for me. These two-ish months that make up the holiday season are full of parties and events and celebrations that you don’t encounter during the other ten months of the year, so it’s important to enjoy yourself, guilt free. The best way I’ve found to do this is to make sure I balance out every not so healthy decision with one that will make me feel good. Drink too much wine and indulge in too many appetizers at last night’s holiday gathering? No big deal, just make smarter choices today and don’t beat yourself up for it!

3. Indulge Wisely

A balanced approach to the holidays won’t work if you aren’t wise about your indulgences though. For example, the dessert you love that your mom only makes once a year on Thanksgiving? Totally worth it. The store-bought cookies your co-worker brought it that have been sitting in the break-room for two days? Maybe pass on that. Being conscious-but not obsessive-about everything that goes in your mouth (too easy of a joke…) will allow you to enjoy all of the delicious treats available this time of year without sacrificing your goals.

4. Don’t Make It a New Years Resolution

It is all too easy to throw your hand up and declare that you’ll focus on your health and fitness come the new year, along with everyone else. The thing is, it’s super easy to say that now, but come January 2nd, you might be singing a different tune. Don’t let the holidays push you a step back, if anything, use this time to propel yourself forward, so when 2015 hits you’ll feel sexier than ever!

5. Dress the Part

I am all too guilty of relying on a wardrobe of baggy sweaters and forgiving leggings from November to February. It’s comfortable, cute enough and if we’re being honest, makes it all too easy to go for seconds or thirds and skip working out. I never feel particularly sexy in this get-up and sometimes I feel like I should apologize to my husband for wearing it yet again, so that’s why it’s important to make it a point to ditch your winter uniform from time to time. Sexy dresses, leather pants, pants in general that don’t have an elastic waistband…if you want to feel hot, you’ve got to dress the part!