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The Dos and Donts of Sexting

When deciding what to write for this series, sexting made its way onto the table pretty quickly. Having been out of the dating scene since sexting made its bold debut, my team and I took it to the streets – the virtual streets, that is - to see where people (or rather their thumbs) stand when it comes to sexting. We posted on Facebook asking for personal opinions on sexting. The response? Well, see you for yourself... Read more

Is Penis Size No Small Thing?

As a matchmaker, I've honestly heard it all. And it’s one of the main reasons I wanted to do this summer series. A lot of questions and concerns go unanswered because people are too embarrassed to ask. So let’s address something I hear all the time... Does penis size matter? Here are 3 things you need to consider Read more

Grooming for Men: The Musts

Welcome to the Sex and the Summer Series! If you’re just reading, be sure to check out Part I where I shared honest, simple grooming tips for women this summer. Take a peek . Now it’s time for the men. Read more

How Much Hair Down There? 3 Tips You Need to Know

Every summer, the magazines ask experts from just about every field to comment on what you need for ultimate summer survival. Everything from sunscreen, work sandals, to the proper ponytail comes with step-by-step instructions. Why not a special guide for love and sex this summer with some of the hottest tips about not-so-easy topics? Welcome to Sex and the Summer: A 4-Part Series. I’m going to be addressing some of the most popular topics that men and women have come through my office wondering about. Read more

What A Rich Man Sees When You’re Naked

When it comes to the view of a rich man, one thing is for sure: All women aren't created equal. Unlike the everyday guy, a rich man is not typically attracted to beauty in all shapes and sizes. Read more

The Top 3 Reasons Why Early Fall Is The Best Time To Be A Lover

As summer quickly comes to an end, it is a fine time to put away your white clothing, toast to your favorite summer memories, and find a way to spark a special connection that will help you transition into a new season. Read more
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