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How to spring clean your relationship

Woman hands trash bag to man
Spring is here! Spring is here! I love every single thing about spring. The extra daylight. The blooming flowers. The new beginnings. It’s all so wonderful! But, when you’re in a long-term relationship, spring probably won’t mean a new beginning for you romantically. But, it can be a time for you to do some spring cleaning and make your relationship feel shiny and new again. So, with that in mind, here’s how to spring clean your relationship. Read more

How To Drive Men Wild In Bed

It’s every woman’s fantasy. A strong, confident, sexy man, who’s so desperately devoted to you, he’d never even look at another woman, let alone sleep with her. Not only is your relationship amazing, but also the sex is off the hook. He drives you crazy, and you drive him wild in bed. It’s all sounds so perfect! The reality is, few relationships look anything like this. Why is that? One of the areas I believe people get seriously wrong in their relationship is sexual compatibility. What do I mean? Read more

Dating around the globe First stop: London

First stop:

The Hotel Bar Crawl in London

There was a time when dating in a hotel bar was considering classy. An old fashioned gent would invite his date to share a martini under the glistening chandelier, as a pianist tinkled away in the background and the European concierge dimmed the lights. But somewhere along the way the traditional hotel experience got lost and bling palaces like the W set a new tone and expectation for hotel bars. Everything became a lot shinier, a lot louder and a touch less romantic. But in London, there are still a few bastions of old school glamour to be found. These hotel bars make for great dating for the following reasons: they choose classical over house music, the cocktails are pricey but potent, and there’s seldom an obnoxious crowd to distract from the date. Read more

#AskPatti: Break up advice, friends who hate your partner, my matchmaker fave & more!

Ask Patti Stanger
Hello, hello! Happy first #AskPatti of spring! I hope you all are off to a fantastic start of the season. Are you guys in shock at how quickly 2014 is racing by? I mean, we’re basically 25% done with the year! I can’t believe it. Wasn’t it New Year’s Eve, like yesterday? Anyway, I can’t deny that another week has passed, which means that it’s time for another #AskPatti. Here we go! Read more

How to Signal to Men

Read more

Why Are Some Men Pathetic Boyfriends?

I get thousands of emails from women every week, and last week I pulled one out that grabbed my attention that I want to share with you today. This lady asked a question I know a lot of you want the answer to, and I want this to start changing the way you think about men, dating, and the responsibility you put on yourselves to find “the one.” So this email is from a lady who wants to know how she can teach men to be better daters. She says… Read more
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