Millionaire Matchmaker

How to tell if they’re dating you or your money

I’m the freakin’ Millionaire Matchmaker, so obviously I deal with a lot critics who tell me I don’t understand love if I put such an emphasis on money. To that I say, give me a break! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking for a life partner who is ambitious and successful. In fact, I think that’s the right thing to do for a bright and productive future. However, I know there are people out there who aren’t just looking for drive and achievement. There are gold diggers who are simply after money and don’t care at all about love. I weed those people out for my clients, of course. But for those millionaires, billionaires and gajillionaires out there who aren’t using my services yet, here are some ways you can tell that your boo isn’t dating you…they’re dating your money. (Oh, and sign up for my Millionaire’s Club. What are you waiting for?)

Rich in paradiseThey don’t like what you like

I don’t mean hobbies here. I mean your bae should be into the parts of yourself that you’re most proud of. Sure, you have a lot of money. Of course that’s impressive. But, I’m guessing “wealthy” isn’t the first word you’d use to describe yourself, right? Maybe you’re amazing at cheesy puns or insanely good at finding the funniest videos on YouTube. You could be super creative or adventurous. Kind, spontaneous, well read or have a great pallet for wine. There are a million things you could love about yourself that aren’t your net worth. Think about your boo. What would he or she say is the best quality about you? If you think their answer would be your black AmEx or your generosity, then that may be a sign that they’re not actually dating you for you. Get out of there, honey!

They’re not showing you their world

One of the wonderful parts of dating is learning about someone else’s life and sharing yours with them. That’s how you build a strong relationship, by getting to know someone inside and out and letting them get to know you. But, when someone is using you for your money, they’re not that concerned with showing you their world. They’re only interested in turning your posh world into theirs. So, if you realize that your new girlfriend or boyfriend isn’t cooking you their favorite family recipes, taking you out to the best pizza in their neighborhood or bringing you to their crew’s weekly trivia night, but they are excited to go to the best restaurants, buy new clothes and attend fancy parties on your dime, that’s probably a hint that it’s time to reevaluate.

You just sense it

I hate to break it to you, honey, but if you clicked into this article, you’re probably dealing with a gold digger. Sometimes we just have a sense deep down that someone’s not quite right. As much as our head and our heart what to think the best of this person, our gut just won’t let us. If you have an icky feeling, even just a slight one, trust it. No one’s ever been glad they ignored their gut.

If you’ve realized that your current bae isn’t in this for the right reasons, don’t fret. I have so many amazing people in my database waiting for you. Just head over to and fill out an application. True love is waiting!