Smoking hot whites for millionaire men that last way past Labor Day

If you’re a millionaire lady looking to deck out her boo – or dating a millionaire man and want to treat him to something special – white is where it’s at. Aside from a boring dress shirt, men don’t generally wear white. But, I think it’s a smoking hot color. With just about any complexion, white makes a man’s eye pop. And a man’s eyes really do it for me. Absolutely do not listen to anybody who says you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day. Rules like that can be broken, as long as you’re breaking them in style. To make sure your man’s doing it right, here are some of my top luxury white finds for him.

Kiton Straight-Fit Jeans, $995.00

Are white pants after Labor Day a bit of a risk? Sure. But, how wrong can you go with Kiton straight-fit jeans? These jeans are an easy cut for any dude to wear and would look good rolled up for a casj nautical vibe or down with loafers for a more polished dude. Plus, white jeans go with everything. Literally, your guy can put these on with any top or jacket in his closet and he’ll look mega-stylish and completely effortless.

Maison Margiela Men’s College Leather Sneakers, $1,485.00

Speaking of effortless style, check out these shoes. They come worn in so your guy doesn’t have to walk around with dorky bright white sneaks. And the laceless look will give your guy a bit of a bad boy in detention feel. What girl doesn’t like that?

Emporio Armani G-Line Solid Notch Lapel Blazer, $995.00

When it comes to elevated basics for men, no one plays the game quite as well as Armani. And check out this blazer. It’s everything Armani’s good at. Clean lines, flattering cut and super masculine, while still being a bit Euro-stylish. Your guy’s going to look like a million bucks wearing this.

Gucci Men’s 18k Beaded Necklace with Ouroboros, $1,100.00

Moving into accessories, this one’s a bit of a statement, but I just love it so much. It’s mostly white, but has pops of color that will definitely get a conversation going when he wears it. I love that! Giving someone a gift and knowing they’ll have to talk and think about me every time they wear it. Plus, I love anything given to romantic partners that has a ring element. It always feels meaningful, even when it’s not THE ring. The snake ring here is more edgy than sweet, but that works for a lot of relationships out there.

Rado True Thinline Ceramic Bracelet Watch, $2,100.00

A white watch is the definition of understated elegance. This watch is Swiss made and super high quality, but doesn’t look stuffy or like something your grandpa would wear at all. Watches make romantic gifts that are actually practical. Those two categories don’t overlap all that often, so take advantage and give your man this sexy watch.

I hope your Labor Day is fab and that you’re able to gift your man a little white something that will make him feel like it’s still summer, even when the warm weather’s gone.