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Smoking hot whites for millionaire men that last way past Labor Day

If you’re a millionaire lady looking to deck out her boo – or dating a millionaire man and want to treat him to something special – white is where it’s at. Aside from a boring dress shirt, men don’t generally wear white. But, I think it’s a smoking hot color. With just about any complexion, white makes a man’s eye pop. And a man’s eyes really do it for me. Absolutely do not listen to anybody who says you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day. Rules like that can be broken, as long as you’re breaking them in style. Read more

How to talk about your finances when you’re dating a millionaire

Money is a hard thing to talk about. Period. Add in discussing it with a romantic partner and it gets even harder. Then throw in a romantic partner whose financial situation is very different from your own and it’s hard to the power of even harder! But, sometimes personal finance conversations have to happen when you’re dating a millionaire. And while my tips certainly won’t make these talks easy, hopefully these three how-tos will make your conversation a little less hard. Read more

Why it’s harder for millionaires to commit

Getting millionaires into successful relationships is my business. And it’s hard work. I think it’s harder than traditional matchmaking because millionaires are so hesitant to commit. And of course I don’t mean every single millionaire is a commitment-phobe. But, for the most part, the millionaires that I meet are a bunch of people who are tough to pin down. Even the ones who come to me saying that they’re ready for love and want to find that one special person have trouble committing to monogamy when it comes down to it. And here’s why I think that is. Read more

5 cute gifts to get your millionaire if you’re on a budget

[Repost from Millionaire's Club - View Here] I’m well aware that this is a very champagne problem to have, but when you’re dating a millionaire and you’re not one yourself, holiday gifts can be a tricky thing. What do you get the guy or gal who can and does buy everything they could possibly want? The pressure is especially on when they’re generous gifters themselves. You want them to feel as special as they make you feel, but you can’t exactly cover a weekend jaunt to the Maldives or a Michelin starred meal. Fear not, my little millionaire lovers. I have some wonderful gift ideas for you to gift this holiday season that will make your boo feel the love without breaking the bank or your credit card limit. Read more

Why summer is the best time to meet a millionaire

My shoulders are sunburned and my nose freckles are out which means that it’s officially the height of summer. Summer’s such a fun and social time of year. And if you’re single, it’s the perfect season to meet someone, especially a millionaire someone. So, my advice is to take advantage of the season, double your husband finding efforts and try to meet a millionaire mate this summer. Here’s why I think summer is the best time to meet a millionaire. Read more

Dating a Millionaire: 3 Big problems and how to solve them

Dating a millionaire isn’t always as dreamy as it seems. I mean, it’s not torture. But, there are issues when you’re dating a man who makes a lot of money and you don’t. If you’re in this situation and are facing problems you feel like can’t overcome, you’ve found yourself in the right place. After all, a good chunk of my business is setting wealthy men up with women they wouldn’t otherwise meet. And my job doesn’t stop after a good first date set-up. I often find myself being a pseudo-couple’s counselor to many of the people I set up in successful relationships. So, here are the three most common issues I see with my couples and how I tell them to deal with it. Read more