Why summer is the best time to meet a millionaire

summer millionaireMy shoulders are sunburned and my nose freckles are out which means that it’s officially the height of summer. Summer’s such a fun and social time of year. And if you’re single, it’s the perfect season to meet someone, especially a millionaire someone. So, my advice is to take advantage of the season, double your husband finding efforts and try to meet a millionaire mate this summer. Here’s why I think summer is the best time to meet a millionaire.

They’re among us

Good weather is the great equalizer. No matter how much money or status you have, you can’t beat a bright, sunny, warm day. In the colder months, millionaires may be locked inside in fancy country clubs, elite galas and high tickets benefits. But, in the summer, everyone wants to be outside, regardless of what’s in their bank accounts. Hiking paths, swimming holes, parks, beaches and lakes are open to anyone and everyone takes advantage, even millionaires. If you get active and get outside, you’re may just meet someone in a very high tax bracket.

Easy to play the game

Hooking a man, especially a millionaire man, takes a lot of strategy and self-control. But guess what? It’s easier to play that game during the summer because you’re busy. You have long weekends, travel plans, beach days and weddings. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your exciting life in the summer and not be waiting by the phone, over texting and over analyzing. Warm months make everyone the best version of themselves, I think, and this is going to work to your advantage because you’ll look less interested and therefore, more interesting to potential millionaire suitors.

Work is lighter

Obviously I think millionaires make great mates. I created a whole business around the idea! But, they’re often dating you and their careers at once. I do that, too. No matter whom I’m dating, I’m always cheating on them with my career. It’s just part of my life and part of most millionaires’ lives as well. The good thing about meeting a millionaire is the summer is that summers are generally slower in most industries. With summer Fridays, lots of vacations and people just wanting to take advantage of life more in the summer, work lets up a bit. This means millionaires have more time to play, meet people like you and romance you. No complaints there, right?

So, single ladies, go forth and meet your millionaire men in the next month or two. He’s out there waiting for you!