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How to date your millionaire, even if he’s away for the summer

Millionaires don’t stay in one place for long. They travel a lot in general and most of them “summer” somewhere that’s not their home. It could be the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard, Whistler, Montecito or any of the fancypants, hard-to-get-to destinations that aren’t boiling hot during the summer months. If you’re dating a millionaire and aren’t summering with him – either because you’re too new of a couple to travel together or your responsibilities at home won’t let you leave for three full months – here’s how to keep dating each other despite the distance. Read more

Summer shoes millionaires should buy their ladies

Summer is almost here and if that isn’t an occasion to celebrate your number one lady, I don’t know what is! Getting your gal a “just because” gift will earn you major brownie points. And it’s a fantastic way to kick off the new season. Shoes are always an appreciated gift. So, I picked a few out that I think just about any lady would love. Read more

Why summer is the best time to meet a millionaire

My shoulders are sunburned and my nose freckles are out which means that it’s officially the height of summer. Summer’s such a fun and social time of year. And if you’re single, it’s the perfect season to meet someone, especially a millionaire someone. So, my advice is to take advantage of the season, double your husband finding efforts and try to meet a millionaire mate this summer. Here’s why I think summer is the best time to meet a millionaire. Read more

5 Reasons being single in the summer is the best

I have a ton of single girlfriends right now and most of them are on a mission to find a man. But, one of my closest friends just told me that she’s actively trying to stay single until the end of the summer and I loved hearing that. It made me realize all of the fabulous reasons being single in the summer is the best. Here are some of them. Read more

5 of the hottest little white dresses perfect for summer dates

I'm such a fan of summer. The days are longer and the skirts are shorter and everything feels so casual and fun. My fashion changes a lot in the summer…and I mean beyond just my shorter skirts! I like to look less done up and more natural in the summer. And I find that some of my winter clothes are too stiff for my summer style. This especially feels true with my go to little black dresses. They're just a bit too formal. Read more

How to Have Hot Summer Sex (Without Breaking a Sweat)

Summer is upon us. Along with longer days and hotter nights, summer brings a sense of freedom and spontaneity, like anything is possible. Unless that “anything” involves generating any kind of body heat. Read more