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How to Have Hot Summer Sex (Without Breaking a Sweat)

hotsexSummer is upon us. Along with longer days and hotter nights, summer brings a sense of freedom and spontaneity, like anything is possible. Unless that “anything” involves generating any kind of body heat.

If you feel like the summer heat is putting a damper on your sex drive, you’re not alone. According to a survey by Trojan condoms, 35% of people said they would turn down a roll in the hay in the summer in favor of cooler activities… Like standing in front of the open refrigerator, perhaps?

When it’s hot and uncomfortable and you’re sticky and sweaty, it’s hard to “get it up” for just about anything. Sure, you might look sexy as hell while you’re lounging around in your skimpiest clothes, but pressing yourself up against another warm body is probably the last thing on your mind! Now sexy sounds a little bit less like full-body snuggles and a lot more like the icy cold blast of the AC (regardless of what it does to your electric bill.) Who needs sex when you have central air, right? WRONG.

Just because you don’t feel like getting hot and heavy doesn’t mean that your sex life should be put on the back burner this summer. Here are a few sex moves to help you make the most of the heat, without breaking a sweat!

1. Go Commando

Skipping the panties is a fun summer idea for a couple reasons: One, it gives you a sexy rush knowing that you are keeping a naughty secret. Two, it will drive your partner crazy knowing that parts of you are so easily accessible, but that he can’t get to them right away. Three, there’s nothing like fresh air sweeping across your lady parts to really cool a girl down, am I right?

Next time you and your partner go out on a date, whether it’s to a nice lunch or for an afternoon movie, throw on a summer dress and skip the undies. Don’t you feel breezier already? Half way through the date, sneakily let him know what intimate item you left at home. If the setting permits, you can even let him feel for himself! Chances are, he will be the one sweating, counting the seconds until he can get you somewhere more private.

2. Afternoon Delight

Sky rockets in flight? Don’t mind if I do! There’s nothing like a little daytime buzz to get you feeling frisky and to help you break free from those hot weather blues. Sex in the afternoon is fun and spontaneous, and you can’t deny that everything looks sexier in that golden afternoon glow. Plus, research shows that women experience their best orgasms between the hours of 1 pm and 5 pm!

After a sweltering day at the office, duck out of work a little early to surprise your honey with some early evening cocktails, preferably something cold, fruity and tropical! If you can’t wait until the end of the workday, you can always meet at your place for a lunch-break quickie. You’d be surprised how midday sex endorphins can relieve stress, boost your mood and leave you even more energized for the rest of the day.

3. Have Sex Outside

It’s a gorgeous day outside, so why waste it indoors with the air conditioning cranked up and the shades drawn? Outdoor sex is a common fantasy, and the change of locale (not to mention the fear of being caught) can add an extra scintillating rush to regular love-making. Take advantage of the warm weather and endless possibilities to have sex somewhere new! Go camping, take a hike or find a secluded beach (emphasis on secluded!) and get busy au naturale.

That being said, not all of us are ready to throw caution to the wind, no matter how gorgeous the climate. If the thrill of being caught is much less prominent for you than say, the fear of being arrested for indecent exposure, there’s always good old-fashioned back yard sex! You can still enjoy the summer sun and fresh air, not to mention the naughty factor, without violating any crimes. Just saddle up on the porch swing and rock your way to mutual O’s.

4. Take A Drive

Road trips are a staple of summer fun, as are long meandering summer drives with the windows down, the radio blasting, and of course, your guy by your side. It reminds us of being young and wild and carefree.. And you know what else reminds us of being young? Car sex!

Sex acts of any kind in a moving vehicle are an absolute no-no, but if you’re cruising with your guy and a naughty thought crosses your mind, there are a few ways to get the message across. If he is at the wheel, slowly let your hand creep up your guy’s leg, then lean over and gently plant a couple kisses on his neck — he will get the idea. Once the teasing gets too much, have him pull over to a secluded, kid-free area. Park the car, kill the engine, recline the passenger seat and do it like teenagers. When it’s all over, crank the AC and bask in your shared naughtiness before you get back on the road!

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