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How to plan when romance is uncertain

It’s probably not a surprise to literally anyone that I’m a control freak. I just like to know what’s going on and when and how... and I want everything to go exactly my way all the time. Why is that so hard? I’ve been putting a lot of work into accepting what is and enjoying the ride without being the driver – and I’ve made a lot of progress! Still, I’d say I’m not my best when things are uncertain. Read more

5 Romantic weekend trips that will make you feel like a millionaire

Have your weekends with your bae devolve into Netflix binges and housework? Has it been more than a month since your last date night? Do you feel like you need to make up for lost romantic time? If so, you might want to block off an upcoming weekend for a romantic trip. Weekend getaways are the perfect way to inject some emergency romance into your relationship. And I think they’re so fun. I love having something to look forward to and they stress me out less than a normal vacation. (Yes, I get stressed out by vacations. I’m a true workaholic!) You only need to take a day, or sometimes even a half day, off of work to make a weekend trip. Read more

How to Have Hot Summer Sex (Without Breaking a Sweat)

Summer is upon us. Along with longer days and hotter nights, summer brings a sense of freedom and spontaneity, like anything is possible. Unless that “anything” involves generating any kind of body heat. Read more

Are We The Opposite of Hopeless Romantics?

Raise your hand if you've ever been majorly screwed over, treated like dirt, cheated on, mind F**ed by a guy, or all the above! Our bet is that every girl in the world would raise their hand with the exception of the girls who remain with their high school sweethearts for life. Regardless, we all know (guys and girls alike!) what its like to feel betrayed and hurt by someone you gave your heart to. We are no strangers to this. At 26 years old and having been single yet actively "dating" through most of our young adulthood, we are familiar with the hurt feelings, the unanswered calls, and feeling inadequate. Read more

10 of my favorite quotes about relationships

Hearts hang from a christmas tree representing love
Call me a cheeseball—you wouldn’t be the first—but, I love a good quote! In fact, I kind of collect them. I’ve had a quotebook for as long as I can remember. In it, I jot down meaningful quotes that I hear and read. Then, I sometimes read through my little quote book and it makes me feel all warm and mushy inside. I have quotes in my book about everything. So, I thought I’d start sharing some of my favorites with you. Here’s my first batch—my favorite quotes about relationships. Read more

The Most Toxic Relationship Behavior

Do you have interactions between you and your partner where you feel your partner is mean and even downright cruel, or vice versa? Do you feel like your partner is disgusted by you, or maybe you’re disgusted by your partner? If so, you’re in dangerous relationship territory. Read more