5 Reasons being single in the summer is the best

being singleI have a ton of single girlfriends right now and most of them are on a mission to find a man. But, one of my closest friends just told me that she’s actively trying to stay single until the end of the summer and I loved hearing that. It made me realize all of the fabulous reasons being single in the summer is the best. Here are some of them.

1. Full AC control

This is a biggie. I’m constantly in a temperature war whenever I have a boo during the summer and being single means I can crank that AC as high as I want without thinking about anything else. So glorious.

2. No pressure

Summer comes with a lot of pressure to be doing stuff. It’s nice outside, so we should all be BBQ-ing, hiking, traveling, sunbathing, beaching, pooling, exploring and a million other summer things. But, that’s not what I always want to be doing. Even when it’s gorgeous outside, I sometimes want to be indoors watching Netflix and eating dip. Being single means you can cocoon in your TV room without anyone knowing about it!

3. Boob sweat without worry

Summer means one thing to me: boob sweat. It’s mortifying to be soaking through your bra and have to somehow still be sexy for your man. Solution? No man! No problem! Sweat away without worrying about your sex appeal.

4. Sweaty nights alone

No matter how good your AC is, there’s going to be a sweaty night or two in your summer. And sleeping with someone who’s emanating 98.6 degree heat when it’s already hot in the room is awful. Sleeping by yourself is much, much better.

5. Summer lovin’

And of course, being single leaves you open to romantic flings and fun nights with new lovers, which seem to be more prevalent in the summer. Everyone’s a bit more carefree in the summer, and a whole lot tanner, which makes everyone hotter, too. Being single leaves you open and ready for whatever comes your way!

Hope you’re enjoying your summer, single gals! There are so many reasons to!