What to do when your family is annoying about you being single

beingsingleEvery single girl has been asked annoying questions about her relationship status by her family. It’s just one (of the many!) terrible parts of being single. (Of course, there are awesome parts of being single, too!) Sometimes, though, it goes past the point of pesky and can feel like an out and out attack. It can be super rough. I’ve been through it several times with well-meaning (but incredibly annoying) aunts and family friends and I have a few tips on how to deal when your family isn’t supportive of your single status.

It’s more about them than you

Here’s the truth, anytime anyone is less than pleasant to you, their behavior is way more about them than it is about you and your life. If an aunt is rough on you for not having a boyfriend, it’s probably because she’s going through something in her relationship or she went through the same, exact inquisition when she was single. It’s not really about you not having a significant other. It’ll get under your skin a whole lot less if you realize that this is bad behavior on your family’s part and totally a reflection on them and it’s not at all actually about you.

Be honest

The best way to deal with annoying questions is to answer them with frankness. If your uncle asks you when you’re getting married, tell him you’ll do it as soon as you find a man worthy enough to make that commitment to. Then, let him know that this is a sensitive matter for you and you’d rather him not prod you about it. If your aunt asks why you’re still single, tell her that you wonder the same thing all the time. Then, let her know that you’re working on the situation and while you know her intentions aren’t mean, constantly asking about your relationship status doesn’t help in any way. Don’t think of a clever response or get defensive. Just honestly answer their questions and they’ll stop asking them! It works like a charm…with this kind of annoying behavior and other kinds, too.

Ask for help

Your family can be a good resource for dating advice and matchmaking. Tell them that instead of bugging you about your singledom, they can actually help. Tell them what you’re looking for in a man and then send them on the manhunt. Be open to their set-ups, even if they’re a bit out of your comfort zone. Also, ask each of them how they met their significant others and what advice they’d give to their single selves. I bet you’re going to be surprised by what you learn.

My single ladies, know that you’re not the only one dealing with an annoying family. Every single girl goes through the same thing. Just keep a good attitude about it and you’ll survive!