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How to buck his family’s holiday tradition without hurting anyone’s feelings

The holidays – and kinda winter in general – are packed full of family togetherness, family traditions and, of course, family drama. If you’re seriously dating or married to a man, chances are, you’re one of the newer members of his family clan. That means you’re not as steeped in his family’s traditions and probably not as into them as the rest of his family. If you’re hoping to change some element of his family’s traditions – doing Christmas with his parents, sticking to an ugly sweater-only gift exchange or going to a religious ceremony, for example – here’s how to do it without hurting anyone’s feelings. Read more

What to do if his family is too involved in your relationship

Becoming part of your boo’s family is a big part of establishing a successful relationship. But, when your boo’s family is too big a part of your relationship, you’re at risk of having a less-than-successful relationship. If his family’s crossed the line from lovingly embracing you to lovingly suffocating you, here’s what to do. Read more

5 Important things to do when you don’t like his family

When you’re seriously dating a man, you’re not just dating him. You’re dating his family, too. And, I won’t beat around the bush here, it’s awful when his family sucks. But, it happens. Not every family is awesome and you could be stepping into a really crappy one. If that’s what’s going on with your man’s family and you really don’t like them, here’s what to do. Read more

How a trip to visit his family can actually be romantic

Spending a weekend, or even a week, visiting your man’s family doesn’t have to be a romance desert. Even though I doubt a trip home is anybody’s first choice for a couple’s getaway, a trip home can be incredibly romantic. Don’t see how hanging in the suburbs with a couple of retired people who only talk about bridge can romantic? Well, let me example. Read more

How to deal when your family doesn’t know your man

A friend of mine has been dating her man for about 18 months and they’re ready to get engaged. I’m so happy for her and she’s so happy for herself, but she confessed to me that she’s a little bummed her parents and brothers don’t know her dude better. She lives in Los Angeles now and her family is back on the East Coast. They’ve met her man a few times and he even came home with her once, but he’s probably spent a total of five days with her family. Read more

5 Signs your family’s too involved in your relationship

Being close with your family is a truly wonderful thing. And when you find a partner that loves your family and your family loves them back, that makes everything even more wonderful. But, there is such a thing as too much family love toward your relationship. Or, maybe not too much family love, just too much family in your relationship. That’s when your relationship stops being a beautiful thing between two people who are in love and starts be a really complicated thing among every single person whom you love. If you think your family-relationship dynamic might be crossing the line Read more