How a trip to visit his family can actually be romantic

Spending a weekend, or even a week, visiting your man’s family doesn’t have to be a romance desert. Even though I doubt a trip home is anybody’s first choice for a couple’s getaway, a trip home can be incredibly romantic. Don’t see how hanging in the suburbs with a couple of retired people who only talk about bridge can romantic? Well, let me example.

It’s a huge step

Even if it’s not your first time visiting his folks, the fact that he’s bringing you home is a huge step in your relationship. Every time he decides to bring you home, he’s making a statement about his commitment to you. He loves you and wants to share his life with you. All of his life, even the boring parts that take place in a mildewy basement with Shark Tank blaring in the background. If you focus on that commitment and think of this trip home as a gesture of his affection and not a chore, you’ll start to feel the romance.

It’s intimate

Seeing someone’s childhood home is incredibly intimate. Even if his folks don’t still live in the place where he grew up, meeting the people who raised him is deeply intimate. It’s getting to know parts of him you could never learn about any other way. And I find intimacy, no matter how it’s achieved, very romantic. Remember, romance doesn’t have to happen between the sheets or with flash mob-level gestures. Sometimes it’s the little things that are actually the most romantic.

It’s a flashback

Think back to your teen relationships and all of the secret making out you used to do in your parents’ house. This trip home can be a flashback to that. There’s something very fun about being physically intimate with someone when it’s a little bit prohibited. Of course, you two are adults and you’re allowed to do whatever you want. But, it can be very romantic to flashback to your teen years and steal kisses from each other, stay up late to make out and maybe even sneak in some very, very quiet sex.

If you make the most of this visit to his home and focus on the best parts, you’ll find that romance is everywhere you look in his parents’ home. Well, probably not in the medicine cabinet filled with aspirin that expired in 1988. But, everywhere else!