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Why every relationship needs a shared calendar

There are certain technological advancements that I honestly don’t know how I lived without – GPS, email, Uber and, when I'm in a relationship, shared calendars. Every single couple needs to get themselves a shared calendar. If you don’t, you’re really doing yourself, and your relationship, a massive disservice. Here’s why. Read more

Do you have nothing in common with your boo?

Have you been with your man a while and feel like you’re drifting apart? That’s not uncommon. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s simply a sign that it’s time for the two of you to work on your relationship, which could turn out to be fabulous for both of you and your future together. If you feel like your boo and you have nada when it comes to overlapping interests, here’s what you have to do. Read more

5 Things to do when you’re feeling unloved in your relationship

Relationships ebb and flow. Even in the best relationships, there will be moments when you feel unloved or less valued than you like. It’s just part of letting someone else into your heart. No need to feel like it’s the end of the world when you have moments of feeling under-appreciated in your relationship. But, if these moments are adding up to a general sense of feeling unloved, there are a few things you can do to address that. And you should jump on them. The sooner, the better. Read more

5 Signs your family’s too involved in your relationship

Being close with your family is a truly wonderful thing. And when you find a partner that loves your family and your family loves them back, that makes everything even more wonderful. But, there is such a thing as too much family love toward your relationship. Or, maybe not too much family love, just too much family in your relationship. That’s when your relationship stops being a beautiful thing between two people who are in love and starts be a really complicated thing among every single person whom you love. If you think your family-relationship dynamic might be crossing the line Read more

How to push your partner when they’re not living up to their potential

In the movies, getting married or partnering up with someone looks like it’s all surprise romantic getaways and nights snuggling on the couch. In reality, it’s hitching yourself to someone else and letting your life be majorly impacted by how smooth their ride is. I know that sucks that magic out of coupledom, but it’s basically what a long-term relationship is. Well, sprinkle in the joys of companionship, some good sex and maybe even a few romantic getaways. But, what do you do when you feel like your partner could be so much better than they are? Read more

What to do when you and your boo are in competition

I was recently at a game night. It was a big group with some singles and some couples. We were all having a grand old time until one of the couples got a little competitive... with each other! The woman kept rubbing it in the man’s face whenever she’d win. And he clearly felt like crap about it, so he’d play a lot more aggressively. Let me tell you what kills a friendly game night: cutthroat competition. The rest of us were there to drink cocktails and have fun, but those two let their rivalry ruin the night for all of us. Read more
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