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Justin Bird A native of Southern California, Justin Bird was an all-American baseball player in college before receiving his MBA from Chapman University. Single and dating, Justin’s lifelong habit of giving dating advice and being the go-to guy for both men and women with relationship questions led him to catch Patti's eye. This "guy's guy" has hobbies such as playing the acoustic guitar, fishing, exercising, and listening to country music. His advice on the young, straight dating scene in California makes him a valuable asset to the Millionaire’s Club.

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Make Her Remember You

Woman daydreams about her date

Men, this is not the complicated formula you learned in statistics class. It’s time to simplify things. While most guys do the same thing with women, it’s your job to stand out and give her something to remember you by.  … Continue reading

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Summer Fling or Real Thing?

Sparks fly when the warm weather comes around for three months. There is a specific stigma about summer flings that takes us away from the mindset of turning our summer chick into our year long lady. The sense of summer … Continue reading

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Time To Dump The Ex

Breaking up can be extremely difficult and become a crippling part of our lives. But there comes a time to move on and mend that broken heart. You may miss your ex and the relationship you guys shared and although … Continue reading

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5 Signs that he’s a Keeper

Excited couple

When do you really know that you’ve met “the one”? Is it something that happens over night or something that takes time to figure out? Unfortunately, there is no easy Facebook quiz to take that will give you the answer, … Continue reading

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What is it like working for Patti & modern dating challenges

What is it like working for Patti? Is she really the same person as she is off camera? One word: Entertaining. Have you ever found yourself being on the edge of your seat watching a movie to find out what’s … Continue reading

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How to Tell If a Woman Is a Gold-Digger

A potential gold-digger seduces and older man

Ladies, there are some awful bad habits going around (and even more diseases) that girls in OC, LA, and Las Vegas seem to be catching.  I’ve been around them my whole life growing up in OC/LA so this topic is … Continue reading

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