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What is it like working for Patti & modern dating challenges


What is it like working for Patti? Is she really the same person as she is off camera?

One word: Entertaining. Have you ever found yourself being on the edge of your seat watching a movie to find out what’s going to happen next? That’s how I feel working alongside Patti. Working with Patti thus far has been an amazing opportunity. Not only do I get to learn from the best in the business and pick up on her dating insight, I’m able to help people truly find love. I love the thought of love and everything that surrounds it so its gratifying for all of us at The Millionaire’s Club working together to make love happen.

What people don’t realize is Patti loves to joke around and have fun with us in the office. She clearly knows when to get down to business and sure has no problem letting us know when we aren’t producing desired results.

Do I get yelled at? Yes, Is it personal? No.

Her type of personality is not something you can turn on and off as the cameras are rolling. It’s her raw and real…or more like RAWR!

She’s great and at what she does and at the end of the day we produce results and have fun doing it!

Whats the biggest challenge you see about dating today?

Dating in the modern word has become an interesting paradox. Through social networks and dating sites we are connecting faster than ever, however I’m not sure this is the best for dating. There is no way to gauge chemistry through texting, friending, and “winking”. Meeting up in person is the only way to get a handle on how your date interacts with you as well as the people around you. You can sense personality, mannerisms, and body language that all go into the whole experience of meeting a new person and potential match.

So its very easy to connect with many matches online, but the human element tends to be missing. What needs to happen is to capitalize on the opportunity and meet up right away to gauge the chemistry in person rather than playing slap and tickle with each other on your cell phones.

No more textual relationships!