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Smoking hot whites for millionaire men that last way past Labor Day

If you’re a millionaire lady looking to deck out her boo – or dating a millionaire man and want to treat him to something special – white is where it’s at. Aside from a boring dress shirt, men don’t generally wear white. But, I think it’s a smoking hot color. With just about any complexion, white makes a man’s eye pop. And a man’s eyes really do it for me. Absolutely do not listen to anybody who says you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day. Rules like that can be broken, as long as you’re breaking them in style. Read more

What a jewelry gift from a millionaire man says about your relationship

In the world of meaningful and romantic gifts, few things compare to the allure of jewelry, a timeless gesture that often speaks volumes about the emotions behind the gift. While the sparkle and elegance of jewelry make it a special treat, the personal touch of a unique piece can elevate the sentiment even further. For those seeking to go beyond conventional gifts, especially with Valentine's Day around the corner, delve into the realm of personalized gifts available on the Giftlab website. Find the perfect expression of your affection with personalized valentine's day gifts that not only sparkle but also bear the mark of thoughtfulness and individuality. Gifts of jewelry are obviously always a special treat. There’s something very romantic and touching about a man going to a jewelry store alone and trying to find the perfect thing to make you smile. And there’s a lot of meaning in a jewelry gift. This is especially true when you’re dating a millionaire, like most of my clients. Jewelry from a millionaire can say a lot about his feelings towards you and your relationship. Here are some hints about what your millionaire man might be thinking based on the jewels he’s gifting you. Read more

What I say to people who think money doesn’t matter

As originally posted on MillionairesClub123.com I’m the Millionaire Matchmaker and my business started matching wealthy men with women who were interested in marrying them. Now, it’s expanded to include wealthy women looking for love, too. And I know that doesn’t rub everyone the right way because people are pretty loud about it. I hear things like, “It’s gross to be so focused on money,” “money doesn’t matter,” and “someone’s finances shouldn’t make them more or less attractive.” I hear it from TV producers, family members, potential clients and even randos when I’m out for brunch. Here’s what I say when I get these kind of comments. Read more

What millionaires need to do differently with dating apps

If you’re single and looking for a relationship, you HAVE to be online dating. Chances are that you’re on more than one site or app. Most of my friends are on three or four. Managing your online dating profiles and communication can feel like a full time job! And if you’re a millionaire, buckle up because there are extra steps to do and special attention you need to pay to make sure you’re getting the most out of these apps. Here are my tips. Read more

How to dine in Michelin star style no matter where you are

Michelin starred restaurants are undeniably an amazing experience. It’s not only about great food at restaurant of this caliber. It’s about the service, the exploration, the celebration and the whole evening’s worth of entertainment. I have absolutely loved each and every Michelin starred restaurant I have ever had the privilege of eating at. But as much as I wish they were, meals like that aren’t every day occurrences. First, I’d have to quit my job to work out enough to make up for that kind of eating! Second, there simply aren’t that many Michelin starred restaurants, and the choices are especially limited in the United States. Read more

How to tell if they’re dating you or your money

I’m the freakin’ Millionaire Matchmaker, so obviously I deal with a lot critics who tell me I don’t understand love if I put such an emphasis on money. To that I say, give me a break! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking for a life partner who is ambitious and successful. In fact, I think that’s the right thing to do for a bright and productive future. However, I know there are people out there who aren’t just looking for drive and achievement. There are gold diggers who are simply after money and don’t care at all about love. I weed those people out for my clients, of course. But for those millionaires, billionaires and gajillionaires out there who aren’t using my services yet, here are some ways you can tell that your boo isn’t dating you…they’re dating your money. (Oh, and sign up for my Millionaire’s Club. What are you waiting for?) Read more