What millionaires need to do differently with dating apps


If you’re single and looking for a relationship, you HAVE to be online dating. Chances are that you’re on more than one site or app. Most of my friends are on three or four. Managing your online dating profiles and communication can feel like a full time job! And if you’re a millionaire, buckle up because there are extra steps to do and special attention you need to pay to make sure you’re getting the most out of these apps. Here are my tips.

Research dating apps

Before you dive into online dating, research all of the apps available. Like New York neighborhoods, each app has a personality and a specific type of person it attracts. You want to be sure you’re swimming in a pool with people who could be good matches. There are some apps that focus on giving you the broadest range of people, some that only connect you with people who know people you know and some that are more white glove service and involve matchmakers. Think about your goals and which one would bring in the quality of people you’re looking to meet.

Curate pictures

Congratulations on being very finically successful! That’s super impressive. However, it might not be what you want to lead with when you’re throwing your hat into the online dating ring. When you’re starting from a total standstill with a new person in terms of a relationship, you don’t want your financial position to be what creates that initial momentum. So, select pictures that show more about your personality than your bank account to make sure you’re getting the right kind of attention.

Focus on career

Driven, successful people need to be with driven, successful people. I know the stereotype is a rich, ambitious person with a hot, young plaything. And of course I’ve seen that happen! Hello! I have eyes. But, those are never the relationships that last. So, look for matches that have careers that interest you. Of course that doesn’t mean that you need to find someone who makes the exact same amount that you do, but you do want someone with a similar work ethic and track record of success.

Choose first dates carefully

Even if a five-star dinner is your normal Wednesday night grub, you may want to tone it down on a first date with an internet rando. I’m not saying take your date to a bar down the street and grab burgers and beers. But, I am saying that the goal of your first date with a person you just swiped into your life isn’t to give them a once in a lifetime dining experience. It’s to get to know them and share a bit about yourself. Focus on a place that shows off your personality and not just your wallet.

Get help

Like I said before, managing online dating apps can feel like a full time job. If you have the means, why not get someone to help you out? If you give your assistant basic criteria, you can have them do some initial swiping and then weed through the folks who liked you back. Or, you can hire a professional dating consultant to help you with your profile and even coach you through some chats with potential dates. Your time is valuable! Why not get some help so you can make the most of the time you invest in your dating apps?

Hope that helps some of you notch up the success of your online dating experience! Good luck out there!

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