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3 Things you’re doing that scare off millionaire men

Millionaire men are their own species that’s a subset of normal men. When it comes to finding a woman to date, they look for most of the same criteria normal men do and then some. Bottom line is if you’re not putting in the effort the attract a normal dude, you’re never going to hook a millionaire man. But, even if you’re pulling out all the stops to attract a normal guy, you still could be falling way short on reeling in a millionaire man. In fact, you could be scaring them off. Here are three things that could be the problem. Read more

Why it’s harder for millionaires to commit

Getting millionaires into successful relationships is my business. And it’s hard work. I think it’s harder than traditional matchmaking because millionaires are so hesitant to commit. And of course I don’t mean every single millionaire is a commitment-phobe. But, for the most part, the millionaires that I meet are a bunch of people who are tough to pin down. Even the ones who come to me saying that they’re ready for love and want to find that one special person have trouble committing to monogamy when it comes down to it. And here’s why I think that is. Read more

How to date like a millionaire on a budget

When I watch episodes of my show and even look at the dates my current millionaire clients take their dates on, my mouth starts to water a bit. Dating like a millionaire seems so wonderful. But, it’s not possible for most of us here in the real world. Spending thousands of dollars on one date is just an insane concept when you don’t have a millionaire’s bank account. I came up with a few ways for you to date like you have an unlimited budget even when you have a very limited budget. Read more

How to get a millionaire to fall for you… by this fall

Cannot believe it’s August already! That means back to school for a lot of the country. And even though the temperatures in California are not indicating any sign of autumn, fall is quickly approaching! And I feel like I say this at the turn of every season, but autumn might be my favorite time of the year, especially if I can sneak in a trip to the East Coast. And it’s definitely my favorite time of year when I’m in love! Fall can be such a romantic season. If you’re gunning to be in love by fall, why not set your sights on nabbing a millionaire? Read more

What a millionaire’s shoes say about him

Millionaire men can be difficult to read. It’s tough to get a sense of who they are at a glance because there’s often so much fanciness and fluff surrounding them. Did he make your super romantic date plans or did his assistant? Is eating at this well reviewed restaurant a special sign or just where he goes on Mondays? Is he dressed up or always wearing a suit? Well, after years of working with millionaire men, I’ve picked up some ways to make snap judgments about them. And I’m well aware of the adage “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” I just don’t agree with it. How else are you supposed to judge a book? Why does so much work go into the cover art? How come books that are faced out on the shelf are so much more appealing to me than the ones that are spine out? Because you’ve got to judge a book on its cover! Read more

3 Things you need to have on point to land millionaire men

Landing a millionaire man is like landing a rocket on a ship. (Which I just learned is how they land rockets! Like, from space onto an unstaffed boat in the middle of the ocean. Wild, right?) It’s a complicated balance of many factors, including the biggie—luck. But, luck aside, there are three crucial things you can get in order to make winding up with the millionaire of your dreams more likely. Here’s what they are. Sense of self You need to figure out who you are. And I know this is way easier for me to type than for you to do. It’s easier for me to type than me to do, too. But, millionaires are used to the best of the best in terms of travel, dining and real estate. Why shouldn’t they expect that high caliber of satisfaction in romance too? And the only way to be a premium catch for a millionaire is to know who you are, what makes you tick and how to make yourself happy. Work on that and you’ll be working your way to millionaire love! Goals Dating a millionaire man may sound intimidating because the guy is so successful and has achieved so much. But, as long as you have goals you’re working towards, you can be just as impressive. A good, shrewd man isn’t wowed by money or success. He’s more taken with ambition and drive. So, be sure you have serious goals that you’re working towards and concrete plans for how to achieve them. Think about business plans, career trajectories and action steps you can and will take towards accomplishing what you want to do. Discussing your progress and displaying your tenacity will be very sexy to a millionaire. Full life It’s true that a millionaire can show you a lot of the world. But, you can show him something he’s never seen—your world. Make sure it’s a compelling place! Have people in your life you really love, find hobbies and interests that truly excite you and do work that you honestly enjoy. Build an amazing life for yourself and you’ll attract an amazing man. That’s just how the math works! And you’ll be enjoying yourself in the meantime. A woman who’s happy with her life and not desperate to add a man to the mix is the most attractive kind of woman to any man, millionaire or not! Basically, make yourself, your life and your future fantastic and you’ll land a fantastic guy who’s got it all going on, in the bank and everywhere else that counts, too. I know you can do it!