How to date like a millionaire on a budget

When I watch episodes of my show and even look at the dates my current millionaire clients take their dates on, my mouth starts to water a bit. Dating like a millionaire seems so wonderful. But, it’s not possible for most of us here in the real world. Spending thousands of dollars on one date is just an insane concept when you don’t have a millionaire’s bank account. I came up with a few ways for you to date like you have an unlimited budget even when you have a very limited budget.

Just drinks

An affordable way to get a taste of a millionaire date without the full price tag is to sit at the bar of the most fancy, most millionaire friendly place in your town. Just order drinks and maybe an appetizer and watch the millionaire world go by. If you dress up and play the part, no one will think that you’re cheap or trying to experience the way the other half lives. Even millionaires just want drinks and a snack sometimes. You’ll fit right in!

cookbookGet a cookbook

Celebrity chefs and haute dining restaurants all put out cookbooks now. I’m a sucker and always buy these books, mostly for the pictures than the recipes. When it comes to cooking, I have my own tried and true methods that I like to stick to. But, every once in a while when I really want to amp up the class, I pick a book and follow a recipe. This is a really great way to experience a five star dinner without paying a five star bill. Of course, this will be a lot more expensive than your average home cooked meal because these recipes always call for special ingredients, but you’re still saving a huge amount on the upcharge. Either make the cooking an activity you share with your boo or surprise your honey by having the meal cooked already. When they arrive, have the lights dimmed, the candles lit and wear something black tie. You’ll really wow them.

Scrimp and save

This is the least glamorous way to date like a millionaire—actually pay for it! Decide on where your millionaire date will be and estimate how much it will cost. Include valet parking, wine, tip and then add an extra 10% because you never know what charges will pop up. Then, make it your mission with your boo to save that amount. Every time you eat in instead of going out, put the money you would have spent in a jar. Dedicate a certain percentage of each paycheck to your millionaire date fund. Organize a neighborhood babysitting rotation among the parents to get a night or two of childcare a month without having to pay a babysitter and put that money towards your date. It may take a month, six months or even a year to get there. But, once you get there, you’ll have a fantastic glamorous evening that will make memories to last a lifetime…or at least to last until you’ve saved enough to do it again.

Enjoy your millionaire experiences! I hope they’re fun and fabulous!