How to get a millionaire to fall for you… by this fall

millionaire loveCannot believe it’s August already! That means back to school for a lot of the country. And even though the temperatures in California are not indicating any sign of autumn, fall is quickly approaching! And I feel like I say this at the turn of every season, but autumn might be my favorite time of the year, especially if I can sneak in a trip to the East Coast. And it’s definitely my favorite time of year when I’m in love! Fall can be such a romantic season. If you’re gunning to be in love by fall, why not set your sights on nabbing a millionaire? Now, there’s nothing actually seasonal about starting a relationship with any man, millionaire or not. But, if you’re hoping to wrap up this summer with a relationship and get serious by fall, it’s time to get down to business. And here’s how to make it happen!

Be where they are

If your goal is to develop a relationship with a millionaire, you have to start by mingling with them. Go ahead and put yourself in places that millionaires hang out. And before you complain about not having the funds to buy yourself a seat at a fancy gala ball, get creative! Go to the fanciest restaurant in your town and nurse a drink all night. Not too pricey and you’ll meet men who arrive early for their reservation or are there solo and hoping to meet people themselves. You can do the same thing at hotel bars, too. Also try scoping out finance and tech conventions in the area. You might even pick up a free USB drive in addition to a millionaire man! You just have to put yourself out there.

Catch their eye

Alright, showing up to the right spots is half the battle. Another big element is actually engaging with a millionaire. My power move is the five-second flirt. Catch a dude’s eye and smile at him for five seconds without breaking eye contact. If he doesn’t come over to chat you up after that, call 911 because I think that means that he’s comatose. You can try any other flirting methods that work for you, too. Dress in something bright that shows off your best asset…or maybe even your best and second best asset! I mean, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. If you look nice, feel confident and put yourself out there, you should be on the path to meeting a millionaire man!

Hold their attention

And now comes the fun part where you get to gauge your chemistry. If you’re into it, you’ll want to make sure he’s into you, too! So, be your best self. If you’re passionate about something, talk about it. Ask questions about his interests. Read up on current events, especially business related news, and be prepared to give your honest opinions and reactions. He already thinks you’re attractive, that’s why he came over to chat. Now you can really shine by showing him how smart and interesting you are.

Oh, and a little summer sun doesn’t hurt either! So, go out, enjoy your last days of summer and then go get yourself a millionaire to keep you warm in those chillier seasons! If you want a man by fall, start kicking it up right now. Like this second. Stop reading, put on your favorite dress and go, girl!