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5 Thanksgiving getaways for millionaires

Thanksgiving is typically considered a holiday for families to gather round a table and connect. But, not every family is straight out of a stock picture of togetherness. If you and your millionaire man or woman find yourselves faced with a non-traditional Thanksgiving weekend of no family obligations – or have flat out said no to family obligations – go ahead and treat yourself to an amazing trip. Here are some options for fab getaways that will make for an amazing Thanksgiving week or long weekend. Read more

Smoking hot whites for millionaire men that last way past Labor Day

If you’re a millionaire lady looking to deck out her boo – or dating a millionaire man and want to treat him to something special – white is where it’s at. Aside from a boring dress shirt, men don’t generally wear white. But, I think it’s a smoking hot color. With just about any complexion, white makes a man’s eye pop. And a man’s eyes really do it for me. Absolutely do not listen to anybody who says you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day. Rules like that can be broken, as long as you’re breaking them in style. Read more

Red, white & blue gifts for millionaire men to give their ladies

Fourth of July is a holiday for celebrating our beautiful country, gathering with friends and family and, if you play it right, romance. What could set the mood more than canoodling while watching fireworks? Well, actually, one thing could set the mood more – an amazing gift! If you’re a millionaire in search of a perfect red, white and blue gift to give your boo on Independence Day, read on. I have some fabulous ideas for you. Read more

5 White shoes millionaire men should buy their Memorial Day Weekend dates

Memorial Day is fast approaching and if you’re a millionaire man, I bet you have fab plans lined up for the long weekend. You probably also have a fab date set to accompany you. It doesn’t matter if she’s a brand new lady in your life or your wife of 35 years, I can guarantee you that she’d love to get a pair of white shoes to wear over the weekend. Shoes are the best kind of gift because all you need to know is her size. No stressing Read more

How to talk about your finances when you’re dating a millionaire

Money is a hard thing to talk about. Period. Add in discussing it with a romantic partner and it gets even harder. Then throw in a romantic partner whose financial situation is very different from your own and it’s hard to the power of even harder! But, sometimes personal finance conversations have to happen when you’re dating a millionaire. And while my tips certainly won’t make these talks easy, hopefully these three how-tos will make your conversation a little less hard. Read more

5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas millionaire men should get their girls

To my millionaire men, you’re in the final countdown to Valentine’s Day. V-Day is a major opportunity for you to shine and if you haven’t figured out what gift or, even better, what gifts, you’re getting your boo, it’s time to get your hiney in gear. Don’t mess this up! It’s so easy to be a total Romeo on Valentine’s Day with very little effort. Just make reservations for dinner at a place you know she’ll like, put on a suit and show up with one, or more, of the gifts on the list below and you’ll be a super stud. Read more
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