5 Thanksgiving getaways for millionaires

Thanksgiving is typically considered a holiday for families to gather round a table and connect. But, not every family is straight out of a stock picture of togetherness. If you and your millionaire man or woman find yourselves faced with a non-traditional Thanksgiving weekend of no family obligations – or have flat out said no to family obligations – go ahead and treat yourself to an amazing trip. Here are some options for fab getaways that will make for an amazing Thanksgiving week or long weekend.


I know what you’re thinking… Croatia in November? And my answer is hells yes! In the summer, Croatia is full of tourists that steal some of the country’s charms. (No offense, tourists!) But, once it gets chillier, Croatia is very quiet, making it perfect for a romantic getaway. While you definitely won’t get the beach vibes over Thanksgiving, Croatia is so much more than sand and sun. There’s a lot of history and ancient architecture to check out and so many cozy walks you two can take together. Plus, there’s good wine, great food and amazing people.


You know the movie Crazy Rich Asians? Well, the Maldives are where those fancy folks go when they want to splurge on a vacay. So, needless to say, it’s amazing. If a beach is a must have for a vacation, go the Maldives. It’s heaven on earth and beach weather perfection in November. Plus, it’s super exclusive. Like, most people there have their own planes. Come here if you want some solid relaxing on the beach and a massage or two. There’s not much else to do, but what else do you need?

Laguna Beach

For some people, leaving the country on Thanksgiving feels un-American. If that’s you and your boo, you can still get a vacation vibe by renting a house in Laguna Beach for Thanksgiving. There are beautiful homes available to rent and they have spectacular views of the coast. If you’re from the East Coast, a Pacific sunset is going to take your breath away. Renting a home means you get a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook your own Thanksgiving dinner or hire a chef to do the cooking for you. But, if a home cooked meal isn’t a must, Laguna Beach has no shortage of gourmet restaurants open on Thanksgiving where you can have a fab traditional Thanksgiving feast or, really, any fine dining experience you want…even a turkey-free one.

New York City

This may be because I’m an East Coaster at heart, but a trip to New York during the holidays is always going to feel special for me. If your millionaire boo and you aren’t normally in New York, it makes for a great weekend trip. The city lights up for the holiday season starting Thanksgiving weekend. It feels so special. And you two can take in Broadway shows, eat the best food in the world and shop until you drop. There’s absolutely nothing like being in love in th
e Big Apple.

Tahitian cruise

If you want to veg out and be completely taken care of, charter a yacht in Tahiti. Honestly, I don’t know anyone who’s chartered a Tahitian yacht for just two people – it’s more of a group thing. So, I’d recommend this for a couple that wants to be social with their nearest and dearest friends, but totally chilled out and catered to. You can island hop, eat amazing food, relax and try things like jet skiing and paragliding, all while taking in the splendor that is Tahiti. What could be bad about that?

Happy Thanksgiving to you, no matter how or where you’re celebrating.