Red, white & blue gifts for millionaire men to give their ladies

Fourth of July is a holiday for celebrating our beautiful country, gathering with friends and family and, if you play it right, romance. What could set the mood more than canoodling while watching fireworks? Well, actually, one thing could set the mood more – an amazing gift! If you’re a millionaire in search of a perfect red, white and blue gift to give your boo on Independence Day, read on. I have some fabulous ideas for you.

Gucci Belt Trompe l’Oeil Silk Scarf, $465.00

No designer does red, white and blue in a more elegant way than Gucci. So, if you’re looking to elevate a red, white and blue gift, Gucci’s the designer to go with. Scarves are always a good gift, especially if you’re in the beginning stages of dating and don’t know exactly what she’d want. Every lady can use a gorgeous silk scarf. Plus, you don’t even need to know her sizing to get a scarf that works for her. The pressure’s off and your gift giving skills are turned up with this one.

MajeBasalt Leather Motorcycle Jacket, $745.00

I’m a major Maje fan. They just do the coolest stuff that looks effortless and that’s my favorite way to be styled. This jacket is totally in keeping with their chic but never fussy M.O. Your lady could throw this on top of anything from cut-offs to a black-tie dress and look amazing. If your boo doesn’t already have a red leather bomber, she needs one. And Fourth of July is the perfect time to gift her with one.

Aurélie Bidermann Diamond, Blue Sapphire & 18K Yellow Gold Medallion, $4,900.00

If you want to make this a Fourth of July to remember, give her jewelry. A gift of jewelry amps up the impact of any day. This medallion is a showstopper. I’ve never seen anything like it with the free-floating gems behind the glass window. It’s guaranteed to stand out from the rest of her jewelry collection and remind her of your romantic Fourth of July together every time she opens her jewelry box.

Isabel Marant Beth Sneaker, $445.00

If you’re doing something casual or active for Fourth of July, these sneaks might actually make a better July 3rdgift so your lady can rock them all day on the 4th. These shoes are so adorable. They’d change the location of any Independence Day party to Compliment City because, believe me, she’d get tons of props for wearing these.

Gucci Dionysus Medium Cubic-Python Shoulder Bag, $4,700.00

Like I said, Gucci is the pinnacle of red, white and blue couture and this bag has it going on Fourth of July style in a major way. If your gal is into pops of flash, this is for her. It would turn any outfit into a statement ensemble, even jeans and a t-shirt. Plus, it has a little wink of humor to it with the almost 3-D seeming cube pattern. It’s so fun and basically would be a celebration hanging off her shoulder every time she wears it.

Hope your boo and you have a dynamite – and romantic – Fourth of July!