5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas millionaire men should get their girls

To my millionaire men, you’re in the final countdown to Valentine’s Day. V-Day is a major opportunity for you to shine and if you haven’t figured out what gift or, even better, what gifts, you’re getting your boo, it’s time to get your hiney in gear. Don’t mess this up! It’s so easy to be a total Romeo on Valentine’s Day with very little effort. Just make reservations for dinner at a place you know she’ll like, put on a suit and show up with one, or more, of the gifts on the list below and you’ll be a super stud.

La Fleur Bouqet, $499.00

I know that price for a bouquet of flowers seems bonkers, but hear me out. These flowers last an entire year. I’m honestly not sure how they work, but they do. The roses are preserved. As long as you don’t remove them from the box, they’ll stay fresh as a, well, rose. You don’t have to water them or anything. I love these white ones in an acrylic box because they’re so clean looking and would match any décor, but they have a variety of colors and sizes.

Foxy Red Pumps, $795.00

It’s no secret that I love red all year round. But, I think on Valentine’s Day, every woman likes the color. It’s the color of love and passion! Nothing will make your lady feel sexier than a fabulous pair of red pumps. I picked these from Giavito Rossi because they’re a classic cut that work with a lot of styles. And because I wouldn’t mind owning a pair of these myself! But, if you know your lady’s look and are confident picking something out on your own, go for it. It would be cute to give these to your girl before your Valentine’s Day date so she can wear them out on the town. Or, cuter still, give her the shoes in the same box as tickets to a fun event where she’ll be able to wear them.

Weekend in Sayulita, Mexico

Sayulita is a hot spot in Mexico for good reason. It’s an adorable town with great shopping, amazing eating and gorgeous beaches. What else could you want? No matter what kind of travel your boo wants—an adventure, relaxation, exercise, culture or shopping till she drops—Sayulita has it. This little beach town is just an hour away from the Puerto Vallarta airport, but nowhere near as crowded as Puerto Vallarta, or any other popular Mexican destination. This is a grown up’s paradise. I promise you won’t find a rowdy spring breaker in sight!

Edie Parker Clutch, $995.00

Getting your gal a clutch is a dynamite idea. Every woman needs another clutch in her collection. And they’re small, so it’s a fun accessory to get a little wild with. That means you don’t have to worry about nailing her taste 100%, which is always a gift-giving relief. Edie Parker makes fabulous statement clutches and this one comes in rainbow of colors. Because it’s Valentine’s Day, pink would be adorable. But, I also love the glitzy colors. Basically, you can’t go wrong with this bag. Like the shoes, give this to her pre-date or as a pair with a future date activity and you’ll have a homerun!

Dyptique Massage Oil, $78.00

There’s not a woman on the planet who wouldn’t die for a massage from her man. This oil is delish and she’ll love it, but I want you to go above and beyond with this. Give her the oil, so she has a gift she can open on February 14th, with a card that invites her to a sensual massage lesson you’ve set up for later. Learning how to massage each other will be such a sexy date and lead to many sexy nights in your future. You’re kinda getting yourself a gift with this one, dude. You’re welcome!

Happy Valentine’s Day, my loves! Hope your ladies love everything you get them!