What a millionaire’s Fourth of July plans mean for your relationship

There’s no better time to be dating a millionaire than the summer. Work is generally lighter for everyone and fun is everywhere. There are lots of social gatherings and travel throughout the summer in the millionaire world. It’s basically a season of guaranteed good times! It’s so much fun that sometimes it’s tough to gauge what’s just summer lovin’ and what’s a lasting relationship. But, there are small hints and clues throughout the summer that can help you determine what your summer status means for the future of your relationship. Your millionaire’s plans for Fourth of July weekend are one of those hints. Here’s what their plans could mean.

Longstanding plans

If you have longstanding plans to join your millionaire for their Fourth of July weekend, you’re in a very solid relationship that’s definitely going to last past Labor Day. Fourth of July weekend is a big deal for millionaires and they all reserve houses and commit to travel plans weeks and months in advance. If you’re part of the plans, you’re dating a person who has a healthy relationship with commitment and is committed to you. Great combo!

Last minute invite

Like I said above, millionaire travel is typically planned really far in advance, especially for a holiday weekend when demand is high and there are parties and social engagements that need RSVPs. So, a last minute invite isn’t a totally bad thing, but it’s not fully a good thing either. It means that your millionaire wasn’t sure you’re the person they wanted to spend the weekend with when they were making those plans. If you’re in a committed relationship with the millionaire, that’s obviously no bueno. It could mean your millionaire wasn’t sure you two would still be together by the Fourth. But, if you two are new and not committed to each other yet, it could mean that your millionaire was waiting to be sure you’d still be interested by the time of the holiday week. Think about where you stand and that should help you figure out what this last minute invitation means.

Separate weekend

Unless there’s a very, very good reason for you two to spend the long weekend separately, not being with your millionaire boo over the holiday weekend isn’t a good sign for your relationship. If he’s visiting his dying grandmother or she’s spending the weekend with her kids whom you have met yet, then that’s fine. But, if it’s just a social trip that you’re not included on, that means your relationship isn’t really on solid ground. You’re not someone your millionaire wants to spend tons of time with or introduce to their community. I say cut this off before you get your feelings hurt in a much bigger way.

Working through

The big challenge with dating most millionaires is that their first love is their career. They wouldn’t be millionaires without their work, so you can’t blame them. But, it does sometimes feel like you’re playing second fiddle. If your millionaire can’t spend time with you because they’re working through the holiday weekend, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have serious feelings for you. But, it does mean that they have serious issues with work-life balance. And that’s not a deal breaker for a lot of people. For example, anyone who dates me has to deal with my habit of prioritizing my business over everything else. But, if it is a deal breaker for you, now’s your cue to get out. These issues definitely aren’t going to get any better once summer’s over and work really picks up.


This is a strange move for a millionaire to make on a holiday weekend. It’s odd to be staying home if they’re not working. After all, the world is their oyster. So, think about why your millionaire wants to stay home and be with you. If a weekend home is what you really want and this is romantic to you, perfect! You two are golden. But, a staycation could also mean that your millionaire wants to spend time with you, but isn’t ready to show you off to friends and family. That could be an indication that your relationship is less than golden. Have you introduced them to your friends and family? Are you ready to take that step with them? If yes, think twice about getting too emotionally involved with this one. It seems like your staycation millionaire might not be on the same page. I’d say talk it out and figure out what’s going on. Maybe your millionaire just needs more time, which is fine. Or maybe you millionaire isn’t taking this relationship as seriously as you are, which isn’t fine at all. Whichever is the case, it’s better to find out now than down the road.

Hope you all are having great summers and have wonderful Fourth of July plans lined up, whether you’re dating a millionaire or not!