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The Truth Behind Tinder – Your Shot Of Hope

If you've tried the world of swipe dating, you know exactly how simple it can really be. Tinder. Bumble. Hinge. All the other dating apps where your finger or thumb gets most of the action while your body, mind, and soul continue to rot away, staring at a screen with endless pictures, and hope. Read more

What millionaires need to do differently with dating apps

If you’re single and looking for a relationship, you HAVE to be online dating. Chances are that you’re on more than one site or app. Most of my friends are on three or four. Managing your online dating profiles and communication can feel like a full time job! And if you’re a millionaire, buckle up because there are extra steps to do and special attention you need to pay to make sure you’re getting the most out of these apps. Here are my tips. Read more

Caught Red Hot Tindering: Hook-up app or game changer?

Whether we’re all too busy or lazy or superficial, does it really matter why we’re dating online? It’s almost expected to have tried digital dating these days if you’re looking for love but the new Tinder app turns dating into a game and those with delicate egos need not download.  No matter how you slice it, the Tinder app is all about who you find visually appealing in 5 photos and 500 words or less. As you swipe left or right to “like” or “reject” a prospect, your potential match does the same. If you both choose ‘like’, it’s a match. Some call it ‘the hook-up’ app and yet others have found love and even marriage. I have no time to date, so I decided to do a live, blind Tinder date on the Sex With Emily podcast. I set the mood and went for the full experience with dimmed lights, wine and of course a few Emily & Tony aromatherapy massage candles to set the mood. My date “Chad”, isn’t afraid to get into his past, voice his opinion (about everything….) and give me a hard time. We talk about marriage, why relationships fail and sex as you age. Chad reveals secrets about his past, I shared my dating patterns As the date progresses, we have differing outlooks but maybe opposites attract? Let me know what you think and what have been your experiences on Tinder? Email me your questions and stories to feedback@Sexwithemily.com   Want more Sex With Emily? Check out my podcasts for free on iTunes, my book Hot Sex and my iPhone apps Kegel Camp and Sex Drive. Check out my new intimate care line Emily & Tony for massage candles that turn into luxurious massage oil and DownUnder comfort to stay fresh and dry down there. Use Coupon Code SEXWITHEMILY or 20% off. Also, use coupon code EMILY for 15% off at Good Vibrations. These are my favorite sex toys and vibrators from Good Vibes: Sex Toy Recommendations (some restrictions apply). Never tried the #1 Male sex toy. Get a Fleshlight Here

10 Reasons to Delete Your Hook Up App!

Most of the better part of my career has been spent sitting in conversations with men pleading with me to help them find a boyfriend.  After many hours of hearing them out I begin to ask them a little about themselves and dig deep into what they really want from a relationship. Inevitably we get to discussing how they currently meet men and as if it was a scene from Groundhogs Day, they always answer the same way: Read more

You’ll find love when you least expect it…or will you? (Part 1)

woman searches for love, find love when you least expect it?

Being single can feel miserable, and it can become worse when well-meaning friends try to make you feel better. They offer encouragements such as “There are plenty of fish in the sea” or “You still have time.” But one riles me up more than any others: “You’ll find love when you least expect it.” Let’s see….would that kind of thinking work in other areas of life?

You’ll find a job when you least expect it. You’ll find a home when you least expect it. You’ll get a great body when you least expect it. You’ll make money when you least expect it. Of course not. Then why should we take a passive approach to love when we don’t do so in other areas of our lives? We update our resumes, network and spend hours hunting online for a good job. We talk to realtors and bankers and get our finances in order when we buy a home. Although some of us have great metabolisms, the rest of us have to work out and eat healthy to stay in shape. And since money doesn’t grow on trees, we have to work for it, budget it and save it. Read more